SC Prussias Last League Game: Looking Back On A Memorable Win Against SC Wiedenbrück

The last league video game of SC Prussia is currently on the day for precisely two months.
We look back briefly: On December 3, the team won 2-0 versus SC Wiedenbrück and-without sure at the moment-said bye-bye to the extended winter break.

Once again a month later on, on January 4, 2023, the eagle bearers came back to the start of the training from the break.
4 weeks of preparation and 4 test video games later on are now impending on Sunday, February 5, the re-start in the league.
And the start is right out: With Alemannic Aachen, the eagle carriers get the third in the table on Hammer Stress, a week later on the away trip to the 2nd Playback II.
The focus is at first on the traditional duel with Alemannic, for which 9,800 cards are now awarded.
It starts again.
We anticipate the video game versus a good opponent, highlights Prussian coach Sasha Hillman two days prior to the game at the press conference.

Aachen already began

In contrast to the eagle carriers, Aachen began the brand-new year last week with a 1-0 home win in the catch-up video game versus Fortuna Düsseldorf II.
The very first video game after a summer season or winter break is often tough since you do not understand precisely where you are.
That’s why we are pleased that we were able to win the video game
[…] But we understand that we still need to work on some for the coming game, said Aachen coach Hedge OHL after the video game.


In the 2: 4 in the first leg, OHL was still the sports director of Alemannic and Flat Kill on the sidelines.
In October, the 31-year-old took control of the training position and ever since got approximately 2.33 points per game.
Compared to our game in the first half of the season, Aachen is now playing a little differently.
That was too long ago to derive something from it.
We are drawing our conclusions from their video game versus Düsseldorf, said Sasha Hillman to the visitors.
With a view to his own group, he might be satisfied: As a group of coaches, the group makes it really challenging for us to find a very first team at the minute.
The competition is really high at the minute, all kids are burning.
It’s simply enjoyable. The test video game results stressed precisely: 6: 1 versus Welder Bremen II, 5: 1 versus BY Lone, 4: 1 versus SSV Weddell II, 3-0 against CFB Lübeck.
We are of fantastic quality and a high level.
I always state: We require defensive stability and offensive variability-then you are on the best track.
Two or 3 positions are not yet one hundred percent safe for Sunday, the football instructor gives insights into his state of affairs.

from game to game.

When asked about expectations, Hillman responded: Naturally, it is very high.
It is nearly only talked about the optimum success.
You can no longer stop that either.
That shouldn’t impact us.
We did that extremely well in the preliminary round-and I am convinced that we can do it once again.
Our focus applies to the work and our trust of the group. prior to the house game

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Looking Ahead: Tim Walter And HSV Get Ready For Rostock With The Vuskovic Process

For a household afternoon a week and a half ago, the Croatian from Split was flown in, the fitness instructor reveals: Of course we exchanged ourselves, but we are always in exchange. He is approaching us, we
Of course we do not know what’s going on in him. I just know: We are there for him. The whole group is constantly there for him.

The 21-year-old main defender Djokovic has actually been closed because EPO was shown in September and the finding was made public in November.
The player guarantees that he has not doped, the HSV speaks of numerous inconsistencies.
And above all, Walter attempts to strengthen people Djokovic.
For a family afternoon a week and a half ago, the Croatian from Split was flown in, the trainer exposes: Obviously we exchanged ourselves, but we are always in exchange. He is completely thinking about what we do. He is approaching us, we
Go to him. Mario belongs to us.
Walter likewise understands that nobody can look into the psychological world of the defender skill.
Naturally we don’t know what’s going on in him. I just understand: We are there for him. The entire group is always there for him.

Brief, who raises lots of concerns

The support on Friday in Frankfurt is recorded by the sports director.
While Walter continues to prepare the team on Rostock, Jonas Bold twill be on site.
As a listener.
Stephan Behold, as chairman of the DFB sports court, has actually already set a second day of negotiation on February 9, Djokovic worked with 5 attorneys and sent a brief together with the HSV.
He has 60, 65 pages, states Bold and reveals: He raises lots of questions.

Mario claims his innocence

To name a few things, Djokovic is stated to have been tested two more times after the very first positive rehearsal in September-with an unfavorable result.
In addition, during an apartment or condo search and evacuation of his locker in the Volkmar cellular phone and laptop, no evidence was found on all gadgets.
In the past couple of weeks, a number of experts have publicly and in direct discussions to make a confession in order to be able to hope for mildness in the judgment.
However, the supposed sinner assures that even in the closest circle that he has done absolutely nothing.
Mario, explains Bold, asserts his innocence.

In order to show this, he has actually offered a DNA contrast, but so far this proposal by NASA and DFB has not been accepted.


We want transparency and clearness, which is why we are extremely cooperative, states Bold, we presume that the sports court meets the claim.
For the HSV it has to do with a lot, for Djokovic practically everything.
The Reinstate spent 4 million for the Croatian U-21 national defender and rejected a 10 million deals from England in summer season due to the fact that they did not wish to do without him in terms of sport and made sure to be able to accomplish much more in the future.
If Djokovic is now blocked for two or 4 years, the hoped-for money is there for the 2nd department club-and for the player, the career is practically over at least at the greatest level.
Walter says: I hope that it will work out for us. And specifically for the young boy.


Ranking The Best Characters From The Popular Fighting Game Series Dragonball FighterZ

Among the battling games developed by ARC System Functions, the studio, which is accountable for some of the most popular franchises and titles of the category, as the Guilty Gear series and Persona 4 Arena Ultimate can be concerned as a sleeping gem,
Given that the video game A is a big selection of unique mechanics and a variety of unique playable characters, everything combined with the currently understood quality of the studio in discussion and character design.
Who are the finest characters in the game?
Now, while we are all waiting for the newest playable character Specter, here is a ranking of all characters that can currently be played in DNF Duel.

the best characters in the DNF duel: ranking list

Before we start, it is essential to point out that, in battle video games, the overall efficiency of each character is directly related to the strengths and unique playing design of each gamer, we have actually chosen to scale our DNF duel ranking on S+ so that characters in
The circumstance is to shine regardless of this, the Match, S, for characters that are identified by particular usages, and a, for characters that can shine most in chosen matches and under certain conditions.
Finally, the B-Tier provides the characters that have the ability to change the result of a video game, but can not be regarded as a cheap matchup against the majority of the current cast.

S+ animal characters

  • Berserker: Berserk, the very best offending unit of the game, is perfect for those who desire to go all out of the start with its ability to reward an aggressive design of have fun with an increase in the damage.
    It also uses gamers the ideal mix of medium-range and close attacks.
  • Crusader: The very best defensive and reactive unit of the video game and the supreme tank, even after they have been patched repeatedly.
    The crusader shines through its capability to stand up to the punishment while at the exact same time has the ability to counteract efficiently and manage the field.
    He is also the character with the most significant native HP swimming pool in the video game.
  • Quick master: The Swift Master is defined by its capability to quickly blend regular and skills, to control tosses and keep challengers to trot thanks to the way it can absolutely destroy goals when it can be in the corners
    Or block it into the air.
    However, it takes time to use it and master his style of play in order to utilize it effectively and specifically, and every mistake can be deadly since it has among the least expensive HP percentages in the game.
  • Ranger: As his name suggests, the ranger, although he is a power plan in every area of the map, truly shines due to its capability to slip out of variety and cause enormous damage while it is quickly from the long/ medium to the
    Melee techniques, that makes him an excellent choice for every situation.
  • Troubleshooting: The troubleshooter is a character that has the ability to act efficiently every available challenger.
    Thanks to its reliable combinations, buffs and defensive passive abilities, coupled with its effective and, he can do great damage in general in all phases of the video game.


S-Tier characters

  • Striker: As one of the most satisfying and intuitive characters in the video game, the striker relies heavily on using her typical combinations to cause damage.
    Overall, their greatest strength lies in their capability to blend soil and air motions and to make challengers prone to damage, along with to keep them trot due to the lots of choices with which they can start an attack.

  • Dragon knight: A fantastic character for novices, however likewise for those who have the ability to fully exploit their abilities and therefore want to put pressure on their challengers from the start.
  • Inquisitor: The Inquisitor shines through its ability to trigger chip damage through Burning Wheel, to inspect the field and shine thanks to the adaptability of its total set against all types of opponents.
    It is also able to effectively recharge their batteries by utilizing their revival and field control skills or to deal with more aggressive opponents.
  • Munich: Munich is a figure that is characterized by their extraordinary movement and their capability to integrate skills than their greatest strength.
    Munich is among the very best and most adaptable figures in the video game.
    It is especially deadly to work out pressure and keep opponents busy.

A-Tier characters

  • Lead: A character that can mix both middle and near-as range attacks and at the exact same time utilizes its special abilities to break through enemies and to guarantee an opening for fantastic damage.
    Battles against characters who are able to perform quick and continuously altering combos, such as:
    B. strikers, in addition to versus those who are able to continuously apply pressure.
  • Magic: Although she has the most affordable HP supply in the video game, the sorceress can be an excellent option against lots of opponents due to the fact that she is defined by her ability to manage the field and punish her at brief periods.
    Like the dragon knight, she has to take in MANA all the time to stay proactive, and this is exactly what her biggest weak point is.
  • Gunman: Can be characterized in close-up and middle range circumstances and place on fantastic resurgences by using his awakening.
    Not advised when battling characters who can punish them from a range, such as rangers and the sorceress.
  • Start program: able to cause huge damage through using your skills and to deal with opponents in the air, The Launcher likewise has her capability to control the field as one of its biggest strengths.
    However, this is connected with costs, since it can not attain a genuine effect through flooring typical combos and fights versus challengers who can reverse at short periods.
  • Grapple: Although the grapple has the ability to cause huge damage through using regular combinations, its low movement speed makes it a tricky choice, especially if it deals with neutral or defensive characters that have the ability to carry out extended combos,
    Like Swift Master, or power bundles with a large reach.
    Like the ranger.
  • Ghost blade: Ghost blade has its capability to control the field than its biggest strength.
    His abilities also enable the players to hurt ounce, stop enemies and increase their own damage, whatever through using his mind.

B-Tier characters

  • Lost warrior: Although the Lost Warrior is a power bundle in terms of damage thanks to its highly damaging abilities and its distinct time-stop capability, it experiences the reality that the majority of (if not all) of its truly groundbreaking skills can be easily prevented due to their low construction speed
    Along with the fact that the majority of his hazardous normal typical can easily be telegraphed by challengers.
    You can play DNF duel specifically on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.
    The video game will also stand for the Nintendo Change in April 2023
    -This short article was upgraded on February 1, 2023.
Animal crossing: new horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nintendos Desperate Attempt To Placate Fans After Long Wait For Update


The habitual sadness of Monday morning continues even in mid-week for fans of Animal Crossing New Horizons.
In fact, Nintendo created certain expectations with an announcement about the game, but that hype has been reduced even faster than the announcement has forgotten, since it simply does not contribute anything to the game.
This time there are no updates, new articles or inhabitants, something that fans have not finished

An ‘useless’ update for animal crossing new horizons

After announcing it a few hours ago, Nintendo seems to want to create packages that do not help you at all.
In a Tweet after the announcement of a Mario Kart package, Nintendo’s official account revealed a new package for animal crossing new horizons.
The package contains the base game, as well as its DLC Happy Home Paradise.

Most of the time, the interest of this type of packs is to make money and give a reason for new players to try animal crossing.
However, here the game and its DLC simply come together for the same price, which means that the only thing that saves this pack are a few clicks on the Nintendo Shop, news that has disappointed many.

A cruel lack of content for animal crossing?

Following this tweet, many players knew that they expected more from Nintendo for the license, which however worked very well during confinement.
The last installment of Animal Crossing has not received a renewed content since its free update 2.0.0 launched on November 4, 2021, and, meanwhile, Nintendo has been content to correct rare errors.
An idea that arises a lot in fans’ discussions is that Nintendo could easily add the animal crossing pocket came furniture, of which there are so many, and allow New Horizons players to furnish their island with these articles.
After this disappointment, many followers expect Nintendo to seriously relax the development of their last game and announce content in the near future.


Oliver Baumann Raises The Alarm As Hoffenheim Continues Negative Series

The very first shot on the Torturing.
Oliver Baumann is quite familiar.


Much like the episode after the connection goal for 1: 2 on Wednesday night.
We return and consume a goal again, Cofferdam’s goalkeeper felt of the identical function movie on Saturday before against Playback (1: 4), It was going so for a while, that should not be too long.

The cup-end becomes part of the Oppenheimer, which has actually now been considered to be questionably long, who are now without a winning 9 competitive games in a row.

The last success was attained in the cup in the 2nd round in mid-October versus Schalke (5: 1).
Four days previously, the battered Kraichgauer had run in the last 3 in the league, also versus Schalke (3-0).
Because we are almost only losing, > We have to develop.

Oliver Baumann
In the table, the TSG slipped precariously and is now dealing with the incomparably important and trend-setting basement battle at VFL Bochum, which just prowls back on the transfer location.
Now comes a very essential video game, we need to be totally mindful, we are nearly in the transfer fight, we are down there and have to go out once again as soon as possible, scolded and warned the captain: We need to develop, because we are nearly only on
Losing, that goes on my sack, we need to turn it off, said the 32-year-old, Often we get unusual objectives, we get them too easy, we have to turn it off very rapidly, otherwise we will really get into trouble.
As so often, the challenger’s first effort in Leipzig arrived at the web.
Has Bebop had approved Emil Forster Gelegechutz rather of seriously preventing the Swedes at the end.
And after the connection goal by Jasper Goldberg’s premiere goal for the TSG, it didn’t take long to the knockout.
We were brave and neat in the video game, but a passport in the user interface and Werner stands in front of me and knocks it into the corner, which is disappointing and abnormal, Baumann had a hard time.
Basically, the group is absolutely undamaged.

debutant Delaney: The lovely football comes later on

Just 2 days after his obligation, Bundesliga returnees Thomas Delaney, who, like Goldberg, was lent by FC Seville till summer.
I wish to assist the club with intensity and enthusiasm, said the 32-year-old, who quickly recognized that self-confidence is missing out on and body movement, stunning football comes later.
It urgently requires a sense of accomplishment, but the TSG just lacks the required stability that Delaney and the last week of Benefice Lisbon might not produce John Anthony Brooks.
We are still not allowed to madden, but it is time, now there is an extremely crucial game. We require advancement and security by permitting little, states Baumann, it benefits us that the two exist, so
Experience is included.
Not so unimportant in the relegation fight


FC Schalke 04 To Keep Struggling Duo Despite Lack Of Interest From Other Clubs


FC Schalke 04 probably remains on 2 players who have actually currently figured out.

Clients for the duo are not in sight.
With Timothée Kolodziejczak and Passim Louella, 2 gamers are currently in the contingent of FC Schalke 04, who will probably have no future under head coach Thomas Was.
Midfielder Louella only returned from Finland throughout the winter break, where he was lent to HJK Helsinki and even played in the Europa League.
At the Finns, he remained in demand with 30 competitive gamers.
The fact that he goes out once again in the Schalke midfield beyond the status of an extra gamer is almost impossible.

FC Schalke 04: Duo doesn’t matter any more

Louella finished in February 2021 2 years earlier. After the Schalke descent, he had actually currently played his last Bundesliga mission as a loan for FC Ingolstadt.
Up to now, Timothée Kolodziejczak shows up for the Gelsenkirchen in the present Bundesliga season.
The Frenchman’s contract likewise ends in the summer of 2023, along with Louella, it ought to really be fired up until the end of January.

dark views for FC Schalke 04

As Sky reporter Dirk Grove Schliemann reported on Wednesday, the duo will at first continue to participate in group training without having potential customers for large operations.
Schalke no longer counts on a solution that there is presently no negotiations in relation to Louella and/or Kolodziejczak wrote Grove Schliemann on Twitter.
Considering that the transfer market remains open in some countries, there might be a modification option.
For instance, the transfer duration in Austria runs until February 6th, in Turkey there are even alter until February 8th and even in Switzerland till February 15th.


Lebron James on the Verge of Historic Point Record: Will He Reach It This Sunday?


When he returned to the Madison Square Garden in New York, LeBron James provided a triple double.

In the famous arena, James reserved 28 points, eleven templates and 10 rebounds at 129:123 after extending the Los Angeles Lakers versus the New York City Knicks.
James now only lacks 89 points for the NBA point record.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387 points is presently in place.
Depending upon the yield versus the Indiana Pacers on Friday night, James could climax versus the New Orleans Pelicans on Sunday night.
I don’t disappear, I will remain in this league for at least a couple of years. I will make it and that’s why it does not feel hard, stated James.

James now fourth-best design template providers

A more performance of the 38-year-old showed that he is not only scoring in his career in himself, but also in preparing baskets for teammates: James overtaking the Knicks on Tuesday night (regional time) Mark Jackson and Steve Nash
In the leaderboard for design template companies and is now in fourth place with 10,338 helps.
I truly play the video game. I try to be a risk in all areas every night, through points, rebounds, templates, defense campaigns, said James.
He just does everything, stated Lakers coach Darwin Ham after the Lakers’ 24th win of the season.
So do it the greatest, and he is up there with all of them.

Schröder with the clock from the center line

Among the templates quickly became one of the highlights of the Abenden-Weil National team captain Dennis Schröder the ball from the center line at the end of the clock prior to the clock dripped into the basket, but did not even care for the ball.
Schröder ended the night with twelve points, 6 templates and a rebound.


FC Bayern: Hasan Salihamidzic Faces Court Over Alleged Breach Of Contract

s board member Hasan Salihamidzic from FC Bayern has to solution to the Munich district court, according to a media report.
Legal trouble for Hasan Salihamidzic: According to the TZ, the s director of FC Bayern has a consultation with the Munich district court on Wednesday morning.
The paper refers to information from judicial circles when it concerns reporting.
Salihamidzic is stated to have actually been driving his car too rapidly.
In city locations, it was flashed too much at about 20 kilometers per hour, it is said.


According to the report, the offense was classified as an administrative offense.
Rather of paying the due fine, the manager of FC Bayern obviously appealed versus the criminal order, which triggered the consultation to be concluded in court.
The paper speculates that Salihamidzic wished to avoid the withdrawal of his motorist’s license
The proceedings at the district court only ended up being public.

FC Bayern: Oliver Khan presently without a license.

Salihamidzic is not the only board member at FC Bayern who recently had problem with the police officers.
According to Build, it had also captured his boss Oliver Khan.
Khan has been dependent on a chauffeur since the start of January since he had actually needed to offer his chauffeur’s license.

In the house game versus 1. FC Cologne for the 2nd half of the season, he was driven to the Allianz Arena by his better half Svenja.
According to Build and TZ, FC Bayern’s board of directors needed to hand over its driving license momentarily in February 2022.
At that time, speeding in Hesse was stated to have actually been the factor for the one-month lock.
When it comes to eight penalty points in Flensburg, motorists are considered inappropriate for keeping an automobile.
In this case, the driver’s license is withdrawn for half a year.


Anthony Syhre: How A European Champion Became Greifswald FCs Newest Asset

A week after Nico Granatowski discovered the method to the Greifswalder FC, the GFC announced the next top-class transfer on Tuesday: Anthony She will now appear for the northeast local league.


The 27-year-old main midfielder was on the pitch for VFL Osnabrück, the Würzburg s, Halleschen FC and FSV Zwickau in a total of 129 third department games.
For Fortuna Sitar, She even ran as soon as in the Dutch eredivisia.
After semi-year, the previous U-national gamer, who won the European Champion with Germany’s U 19 in 2014, burns on his resurgence in club football: I haven’t bet a very long time, I want to be on the pitch again, help the team, assist the club. But I think you can attain a lot here. This is a cool thing, you can grow with the club again. The club has a lot going on and if you have seen the last video games, I want to become part of it and that
Trust that is put in me.

Animal crossing: new horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review – Living In The Island Time, Why Animal Crossing Is Still A Cut Above The Rest After 20

Louisville looked quite sterile, so I left for a puddle sweater to find brand-new pals.
They are not extremely convincing, and soon you will have a whole stable of charming neighbors.
But they want to live in houses.
And the furniture, as if they might not simply sleep on the ground, for any reason.
I was completely enthusiastic about the idea of enlarging my city, till I realized the HHH, the work involved.
Ever since, I have triggered the brakes, however I did not stop, no sir.
Can Louisville can constantly end up being larger and much better, do you understand?
I would be furious if another video game made me work.
However, in Animal Crossing, work is the fun part.
Discovering land, collecting products and picking the area of the furniture is both satisfying and relaxing.

Now to be fair, my experience has actually not been ideal.
The background music is so sparse that it is paced, protected in a corner of an enormous plate.
The game took a couple of hours before having enjoyable.
For some people, it is a genuine break.
In fact, if you have no anticipation of Animal Crossing as a franchise, you might even miss it.
The developers basically depend on the universal nature of these games to alleviate the bumps of the opening act.
Fortunately, I knew enough to persevere.
As I said at the very start, it is almost difficult to print this game against everything other than against itself.
Other companies have already attempted to bite this style, however no one has actually truly prospered.
To this end, how excellent an animal video game benefits New Horizons?
You develop everything, from homes to important infrastructure.
You recruit locals, construct stores and save the museum.
Furthermore, you choose the look of your own home, to the wallpaper.
Furthermore, you can fish, dig, harvest and transfer your path to independent wealth.
In other words, you can do whatever.
I have actually constantly known animal crossing games as something you play, thirty minutes a day optimum.
Take fruit, chat with your next-door neighbors, call them one day.
This game will resume your entire life, but in a really fun way.
If you have actually already had a breath for this franchise, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be an absolute slam.
Do not sleep on it for a second.

Even after twenty years and a lot of inadequate clones, there is still absolutely nothing like Animal Crossing.
When you take a seat to talk about these video games, the only exact points of comparison are relaxed simulations and other air conditioning titles.
More than any other genre, tracing lines between these titles and the rest of the computer game is a worthless company.
To this end, how does Animal Crossing: New Horizons are beside its predecessors?
Well, although I am the last individual you should request, it could be the very best in the entire series.
Certify part of this last declaration.
I am not a type of crossing animal.
Never before this series of games has handled to catch me.
Nevertheless, and this is very essential, this is absolutely the case now.
Where I never desired, New Horizons now keeps me awake in the evening.
The enormous tangle of embedded systems is frantically convincing.
I admit, I was put off at the start.
The gameplay loop was extended and inclined to drag the heels.
The very first hour or 2?
I was really a little bored.
It was corrected as quickly as I did two things.
The very first is that the video game carefully guides you towards success, as long as you do not ignorance the clues.
The 2nd thing I discovered is that your resources are nearly endless.

Back a little: you are not just putting the secrets to a mounting chain by spitting bells.
Rather, you are accountable for revitalizing the island you landed.
This island (hereinafter referred to as Louisville) requires equipment, housing and residents.
Because of these honorable objectives, you slowly have the power to create, harvest and develop your little town from absolutely no.
And it is here, buried in between the weird cell phones of Tom Nook and the sleeping airport of the island, that I found the Proverb Golden goose.
I will not enter into ditties or grittier on this front.
It suffices to say that even piracy and scams like me managed to roll the ball in Bell town in a brief time.
Without burying yourself, what can you do in New Horizons?
If you wish to enter this video game and produce your own Louisville with no anticipation, it is your last chance to leave you before digging in genuine deep mechanics.
There is now a crazy craft system, along with the deterioration of tools.
Yes, this suggests that you will make a long chain of stone axes for the rest of the time.
Get ready for that.
The benefit is that you can do a lot of things.
Beds, tables, bird baths, clocks, toys, mirrors, stools, fireplaces, fishing walking sticks, cabinets and cupboards to call just a couple of.
You can paint naked wood things if you do not appear proper.
There is likewise a huge choice of things to purchase.
Radios, wallpaper, flooring, drummers on base, all 9 meters.
You can dress your carpet with everything you like if you seek advice from the stores regularly.
But how can you enable you these fanciful things?
Why, with this daily pattern of sales of course!
Fish, insects, fruits, flowers and gross building products are readily available for picking.
If you gather in an enduring method, this sauce train will never ever end!
I began with a fierce radiance in my eyes, figured out to pass from the camping tent to the home in record time.

Possibly it took two hours?
I truly wished to begin selecting wallpapers, you see.
How could I handle this so fast?
Well, Tom Nook is very good.


In fact, after hearing all these stories of him as an implacable owner, I was shocked to find how cool and accommodating.

Not just Nook offers unanswered loans like Halloween sweets, however he rewards you for simply, doing routine tasks!
Like your genuine filling station and your grocery store, you can win Nook Miles to do things you would do anyway.
Take images?
To fish?
Chop wood?
Express tickets for Nook Miles!
The abovementioned secondary currency is a necessary addition, which you can exchange for clothing, airplane tickets and brand-new DIY dishes.
But why would you require plane tickets, you ask?
Well, how are you going to recruit new villagers?