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You can buy seed and suet made specifically with hot pepper or you can coat the seed yourself. The birds won’t mind and actually when do kids start walking like it, while squirrels can’t tolerate it. If you find window strikes are a particular problem for you, there are products that can help reduce this.

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  • Among the window feeders, I love this feeder and it has nothing to do with the functionality but because it reminds me of the time I used to house birds.
  • In general, suction cup feeders are small and fit with all windows.
  • I bought this a couple of months ago and the birds love it!
  • If they need to be cleaned, wash them in a warm soapy water solution and dry gently with a microfiber cloth.
  • It has a built-in divider for two types of seeds to attract different kinds of birds.
  • The locking suction cup grips tightly to windows, doors, and mirrors and extends from 2.5cm (1″) to 10cm (4″).

Consider installing a small, heated bird bath near your house. You can buy one for about $50 and it works like a magnet during the cold months for birds who are in search of a non-freezing bath where they can drink clean water. The price range for window units ranges from about $10 for very basic models all the way up to $200 for some of the fanciest products in the line.

Flower Pot Feeder

Make this wreath hold a water bowl for an instant water feeder for the birds and also for the bee and butterflies. Use ordinary rope or pieces of cord to hang it over in your garden. Wrap a sisal rope around a tine can and suspend it horizontally as a bird feeder.

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If you have the choice, use only white sugar in hummingbird feeders. Follow these tips and your window feeders will stick to your window all season – any season. Cheat on any of them and you may very well find your feeder on the ground. You’ll see an estimated delivery date – opens in a new window or tab based on the seller’s dispatch time and delivery service. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods and will depend on when your payment clears – opens in a new window or tab.

Regardless of your feelings on that matter, the best bird feeders for small birds will provide hours of enjoyment for nature lovers. Just over a foot wide, this window feeder holds about 3 cups of seed. At under $20, it is a very good value for bird lovers. What makes this $125 feeder squirrel proof is shocking. A battery gives a little shock to larger animals when they try to get seed.

For example, if they know that there is food in the feeder you put on your window, they will spend more time with the young ones. Like for anyone else, for the bird, it is better when there is a steady source of food. Window bird feeders are simply that – little objects that you install on your window and put some food so the birds can come and enjoy their treats.

The two small plastic perches located on both sides of the base allow two birds to feed on it at the same time. One thing that I have noticed about this bird feeder is how the suction cups get warped easily. One sunny day, I saw one of the four suction cups lost its grip on my kitchen glass window. I reattached and readjusted the suction cups at least twice that week. I’m worried that the whole bird feeder might fall to the ground while I’m not around it.