Hfc shaken career reference is missing monthly

The Halleschen FC remains true to the injury speck. With Tom Zimmergeschied, another player says goodbye to the lazaret. Maybe he returns to 2022.

The 23-year-old had turned off the shoulder against the SC Verl (4: 4). At MRI examination on Monday, an acute tap injury has now been found, as the club communicated. At the beginning of next week, the room difference must be operated.

The violation of Tom shakes us to Mark. His refreshing straightforwardness was an absolute enrichment for our offensive game in the first season games, commented coach Florian Schnorkrenberg’s injury. In the short term, we can undoubtedly compensate with our squad failures, but there are now several service providers missing weeks or even months.

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Because also room difference is possibly returned to 2022 after his surgery. I had not counted with such a bad violation, the bitter the upcoming break now, he says.

In Halleschen Lazarett, car park meets Jannes completely (outer tape crack), Sören Reddemann (calf rupture), Janek Sternberg (yoke-ring), Justin Eilers (oversight of the patella tendon / edema in the knee), Fabian menu (hip problems), Toni Lindenhahn (cartilage damage) and Kebba Badjie (Thigh strain).

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