Elijah Wood The Lord of the Rings wants to be in Star Wars or Marvel movies

The Star of the Trilogy of Peter Jackson, who played Frodo Bolson, would like to return to the ‘Blockbuster’ films with Star Wars or Marvel.

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At the end of the nineties and principles of the new millennium, a very young Elijah Wood embodied Frodo Bolson in one of the most laureate literary adaptations in the history of cinema. The Lord of the Rings catapulted the interpreter to success, although at that height he had already worked on numerous productions, because he had participated in films from the tender childhood of him. In statements to the press on the occWoodion of your next project, no man of god, Wood hWood admitted that would love to return _ blockbusters _ to the big one : wants to be part of a Star Wars or Marvel movie.

I think that’s genuinely fun, said Elijah Wood in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. I have not had the opportunity to participate in a gigantic project and Star Wars marks a precedent because I am a fan . And he adds: In the sphere of real action it would be incredible. Wood for Marvel, Elijah Wood remembers that there is a whole debate about whether these movies are cinema or not. Be a fan of superheroes or not, they are fun. All those films are extremely well done. I think you work again in that universe [blockbuster] would be great and incredible.

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Would you ever interpret Frodo?

In the same interview, they have Woodked him about the possibility of returning to Frodo Bolson, especially now that the series of Amazon Prime Video hWood concluded the filming of his first seWoodon. If I had the opportunity to repeat that experience, I would do without thinking twice. Wood says that the four years he spent in New Zealand rolling the Lord of the rings were great. I did not want it to end. Anyway, the new fiction is set many years before the birth of Frodo and Bilbo Bolson.

The series of the Lord of the Rings will premiere his first seWoodon on September 2, 2022.

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