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On the 7th matchday, the home game against SV Wiesbaden stands for the 1st FC Saarbrücken. Chef trainer Uwe Koschinat appreciates the opponent as an absolute top team.

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On Friday, the 1st FC Saarbrücken receives the SV Wehen Wiesbaden in the sold-out Ludwigsparkstadion (live! From 19 clock at Kicker). Offensive man Minos Gouras is so far with three hits top scorer of his team. Also last week he was able to achieve the late balancing stator in Würzburg (1: 1), now he still puts on the Saarbrücken backdrop. In Würzburg we could not get the optimal performance, we were a bit tired after the hard English week and the game against Magdeburg. This will be different tomorrow, we are full there and the fans will carry us, the 23- Year-old cited on the club website.

FCS coach Uwe Koschinat classifies the SVWW as an absolute top team, although the Hesse is two table sites behind its eleven. The Wiesbadener Team would have made up to the 2: 4 defeat against Magdeburg, especially with its effectiveness, could decide games late and always refill from the bank. The team wool always win and go to three points in Saarbrücken. Koschinats elf had to put needlesticks from a good order again and again. Wiesbaden has a qualitatively good team with a huge width in the squad. But you also have one or the other approach where you are vulnerable. Our goal is to get three points.

The 1st FC Saarbrücken will be missing the long-term Sebastian Jacob, Maurice Deville, which is currently running for the Luxembourg national team, as well as Dennis Erdmann suffering from a knobby. The DFB Sports Court has also blocked the 30-year-old for racism allegations as part of the 1st FC Magdeburg for a game. However, the negotiation and the final decision were postponed.

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