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Read in Millenium: The regional qualifiers of South Korea ended, now all teams know from which phase will start the tournament. Chovy will have to be seen with play-in players.

Hanwha Life Esports is a South Oriental esports company based in Seoul. It has groups competing in League of Legends and Kart Motorcyclist, with the former completing in the LCK, South Korea’s leading level expert league for the game.
At the 2015 League of Legends World Championship, the group put second in their preliminary group prior to beating KT Rolster and Fnatic in the brace stage. The team completed as runner-ups after encountering SK Telecom T1 in the finals in Berlin, Germany.
The team won their very first LCK title after winning the 2016 Summer season League of Legends Champions Korea playoffs.

In the day of September 2, T1 and Hanwha Life ESports played the great end of the regional qualifiers of League of Legends . This mini-tournament served to define the last representative of the LCK and the position of it in Worlds 2021 . With this we refer to who should start from the Play-In phase.

Over the past few days, Hanwha Life ESports was proposed as a strong contender to beat T1. He defeated Liiv Sandbox and Nongshim Redforce with convincing results, so a high caliber shock was expected.

The day started with the T1 batz with Kassadin and Apalelios. In the company’s lee company, the Summer Subcampeón set put on 1-0. Maintaining the victory trend, the Faker team extended the score to 2-0, but not with the same ease. The Orianna de Chovy was a danger that threatened a draw, however, The Azir de Faker set up his progress . Thanks to the Kennen of Canna and the Jinx of GUMAYUSI, there was a championship point.

Like the Phoenix, Hanwha Life Esports revived in play three despite the bad start. Thanks to a good climb, he traced the game and entered the area of ​​2-1. For the fourth clash of the day, Chovy and Faker were in charge of his teams, however, the demon king saw the nexus of him fall through his hands off his rival.

The last game was defined through group fights and macrojuego. The composition of T1 favored the fights, giving him enough advantage to close with a 3-2 that leaves it in the World Event of Worlds 2021 .

Chovy will have to play from the worlds play-in next to high-caliber central lanes as Larssen (Rogue) and Perkz (cloud9). He still remains to know which teams from China will classify the World Cup and which one will start from Play-in.

With today’s results, LCK will send to the following teams:

  • DWG KIA \ – Summer Champion (First Seed)
  • GEN.G \ – Equipment with more championship points (second seed)
  • T1 \ – Regional Classification Champion (Third Seed)
  • HANWHA LIFE ESPORTS \ – Subcampeon of regional qualifiers (Fourth Seed)

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