LOL LCK Chovy is one step away from returning to the Worlds with Hanwha Life Esports

Read in Millenium: With just a rival on your way, Chovy is about to return to the maximum League of Legends competition in the company of DEFT. But before, he led with Liiv Sandbox.

LCK already has a champion on the way to Worlds 2021 **, but competitive days still do not end. On these dates, the second focus of care is in the regional qualifiers, the last place with tickets at the maximum League of Legends competition.

Regional qualifiers have computers with higher championship points in the year . They are usually four participants in the case of LCK, distributed in a king of the hill: the team with more points awaits in the great end, while the last two start from the quarterfinals. In this phase of the event we find Hanwha Life Esports and Liiv Sandbox , commanded by Chovy and EFFORT, respectively.

Chovy was left without a regional end after a split with ups and downs, but gathered enough points to enter post-split competition. On the other side of the Ring was Liiv Sandbox, squad that managed to remedy a decent year with a pass to qualifying.

Being a simple removal format for the best of five, lose is equivalent to telling WORLDS 2021 . In that sense, watching Chovy losing at the first match may not be liked from the Followers of the Central Lane. But from the second set, Hanwha Life ESPorts connected and both Chovy and Deft led the step, accompanied by Camille . The third right confrontation was left in the hands of the squad, entering a point point with 2-1.

The last crash was completely for Hanwha Life ESPorts, who saw a Summit deal with its line rival. With a play in the Baron Nashor area near the 27th minute, which ended in a quadruple murder, Chovy had again the world flavor on his lips with a 3-1.

Hanwha Life Esports must face NongShim Redforce in the semifinals. The winner will join dwg kia, gen.g and t1 at Worlds 2021 , to be held in Europe.

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