LOL Two veterans of G2 ESPORTS could leave the team victims of their great reconstruction

Read in Millenium: Wunder and Grabbz may be about to leave G2 ESPORTS. Despite having incorporated into the discipline of League of Legends in 2018 and be part of the Veterans Nice, the organization would be looking for them.

G2 ESPORTS has completed the worst year of its history since it reached the maximum competitive level of League of Legends . Although the beginning of the season aimed at being an unprecedented success with the organization having completed the most ambitious quintet of its history, the results have been disappointing and from the club a reconstruction is already talked about. Situation that could have put Rekkles at the departure door, but also to other team members.

Goodbye to the great veterans of G2?

New information has placed at the departure gate to two of the most veteran members of the organization: Wunder and GRAMBZ . Both came to the club in 2018 and since then they have had a capital importance in the successes of the organization. In this way and as long as the information is met, Jankos would be the only member of the team that would remain from the first major changes of samurai pieces.

Wunder has been one of the great indicated for his poor performance throughout the year and, although he has had outstanding actions at concrete moments of the season, it seems that his attitude towards the game and the workouts could pass the bill next year. Strange would be the case of Grabbz, who until now had kept the good trajectory and competitive ambition of G2 Esports.

There are still some more than four months to begin the next competitive year of League of Legends and the great movements tend to be confirmed when the Worlds end. In this way, it could still spend a lot of time until the movements of G2 ESPORTS are confirmed. Despite this, it seems that the most successful organization in the story of the League of Legends will debut in 2022 with a few new faces.

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