No Man s Sky Anniversary trailer published for the 5th anniversary

For the celebration of the fifth anniversary of No Man’s Sky, developer Hello Games has published an anniversary trailer.

The space exploration match No Man’s Sky has now reached the fifth year of his moving life cycle. At first, strong criticism exposed, developer Hello Games supplied the title continuously with free updates and managed to significantly increase the quality.

The Celebration of the Jubilee was published by the No Man’s Sky 5th Anniversary Trailer. The video looks back on the career of the space title and indicates the next extension with the name Frontiers on top of that.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray describes the extension, for which no official publication date is yet known, as follows:

“In a way, it’s just another update, but in other ways it is a missing part of the science fiction fantasy that we always wanted to add, and very suitable for our five-year anniversary.”

According to Murray, the team still have some ideas that wanted to try it in no man’s sky in the future. Further details on the Frontierens expansion will be announced shortly.

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