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Time Loop Shooter DEATHLOOP. Will the protagonist who runs to get out of the day to be looped. Is the main character who is dancing on the palm?

Arkane Lyon Developed and Sold by Bethesda SoftWorks, the time loop shooter DEATHLOOP . We will deliver a play report because you were able to play the PS5 version of this work scheduled on September 15th. However, this work is the essence of mystery and puzzle is the essence in the game play, and it is also strong from the regular play report because it has been strongly from the normal play report, so you can not deliver the content in detail. Please acknowledge in advance.

# Teach the player and the story to the player

The liver of this work is time loop that is also genre. Every time I end the day, I doubt a unique gimmick that it is reset to be reset is the first to the introduction part of the story and the tutorial. Basic operation methods and systems, and combat are made to fight comfortably with a light lock, and I feel very interesting. Rather than what is said to be a so-called FPS, I felt that I was close to the sense that I was watching while playing a lot of comedy-style comedy Staist.

A little bit of dubbing … This is a part according to the taste, but such habits are well familiar with this work, and the graphics are more beautiful and lightly working, so I was able to get into the world’s view .

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# Sneak and stealth system system

There is also a part where there are a lot of enemies quite a lot at the beginning of the beginning, and it is necessary to move in a sneaky and sneaky state, and to make it close to the enemy and close it. On the other hand, after defeating the enemy, the shadow remains, if it is found in the enemy, it will be defeated, so you can defeat all the enemies near you to defeat, or if you want to leave the minimum and leave it, You will go ahead in various ways that you go sneakly without defeat.

As the main sound, I want to get a quick mission and I want to go back, but as mentioned in the game, I can get important information by staying. It is likely to be one point that uses time well.

# Many custom elements such as weapons

As a custom element of this work, we have a turndone that enhances players such as abilities and slabs, and a trilinator that enhances weapons. In order to obtain these, it is necessary to pick up and live with what is located in the map, so the information that there is such an item is also more advantageous by remembering the player itself. The game will be promoted. Weapons are also falling in the map or can be robbed from the enemy, but because there are multiple bullets, the weapon that you possess as much as possible is a different bullet.

# Visionary and Harriet goes down

Mission to defeat Visionary Hariets that the only publication is allowed in this play. Harriett is ** A person who plays a mother role that has not been asked, and after life return from an airplane accident, it becomes a writer of self-enlightenment, and finally it has become a leader of Cuttra. That’s why I will go to see Harietet, but I’m anxious to go without collecting information suddenly, so I’m going to go at night immediately after the mission was opened.

After the start, you can see that there are several routes, but there are quite a lot of enemies, and if you move it to you, it will be found in the enemy. I felt it was difficult to intrude, so I will destroy the enemy first, but I was called the stipulative support and finally to make 10 people. As there are not many ammunitions that can be held, we will aim at your head carefully as much as possible, but surprisingly, it is packed close to nearby, or it will be thrown or throwing equipment. After defeating, pick up the enemy weapons and items that you have defeated, make ammunition replication and HP recovery, and take a walk.

Because it was difficult to move due to night, I decided to go back to the morning. It was dark and the ideal impression to move while hiding the body, but the morning is relaxed to the morning and the atmosphere is completely different. Defeat the enemy little by little, and use the defeated enemies to pull the enemies even more … Repeat …… Where the tips have a hariette. Of course, it is good to do this as it is, but because there are a lot of enemies in the middle of open meeting, if possible, you want to defeat only Hariet and leave. It is a very enjoyable part of thinking about how Harriet will act from here.

# Game play with a large swing width by leaving a lot to play

As mentioned earlier, in the pre-play of this work, information that can be exposed quite severely so that you can not cut the players purchased. However, if you try to play actually, it is also convinced. I understand, because I’m going to some extent because my actions are decided to some extent, and I’m looking forward to it, and more things that can be newly known, It was a title that has not been fed at all for the play repo .

In addition, there are many points that can be closed for buildings, etc., and including the number of routes, and what they are in the time loop, including the possibility that the difficulty is largely generated by I received an impression that it seems to be a big change in each player, such as a method of playing and the impression after play.

The author, Yoshi also go in the sneak, flashy to pound away the gun is also good, that although I feel that it is a game of, on the one hand downed risk of that would, such as looking forward to achieve the part other than the original purpose I thought that something is placed very many, and I thought that the device to play without getting tired well.

Such DEATHLOOP will be released on September 14th.

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