2 German YouTubers are your mentors on YouTubers Life 2

In the Youtubers Life 2 simulator game you can build your own career as Influencer on YouTube. And you get help of real stars like pewdiepie and

YouTubers are people primarily understood for their job on the video-sharing website YouTube across different significant channels. The following is a checklist of YouTubers with Wikipedia posts. It excludes people who despite having a YouTube existence are not mostly recognized for their job on that system.

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In the Youtubers Life 2 simulator game you can build your own career as influencer on YouTube. And you get help of real stars such as Pewdiepie and Germanletsplay.

This is YouTubers Life 2: with YouTubers Life 2, the name is the program. It is the sequel to YouTubers Life, in which you build a race in the famous video platform and transmission. And your work is to become the number one absolute.

In the anime style simulation game, you work every day to improve your status as YouTuber. You do missions and missions based on real tasks of a YouTuber. This also includes, for example, a strong presence in social networks.

In a press release, the Uplay Online developer and the Raiser Games Editor announced that on your trip you will meet true YouTubers that you know about the news and whom you can even follow yourself.

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2 Youtubers Germans help you

These YouTubers are there: A total of 10 different youtubers entered the game. This group is directed by Pewdiepie supervisors. With more than 110 million subscribers on YouTube, it is one of the largest content creators in the platform and provides tons of experience on how to create a channel.

But also 2 German YouTubers such as Germanletsplay and Palaunten are part of the party and will be by your side with advice on secondary missions and missions. With your help, you can complete special challenges to expand your knowledge of the game.

All those who know me also know how much I like the simulators and that is why the people of YouTubers Life 2 approached me to tell me that I wanted to be in the game. And it gets even better. Not only are the legendary Brothers Kott Paluten and GLP in the game, we also have our own series of missions that we help develop.

Patrick Paluteten Meyer

There are also youtubers as

  • Rubius.
  • Crainer
  • Laurenzside
  • Willyrex and others

What else can you do on YouTubers Life? Since you slide on the role of a YouTuber in the game, of course, you also assume your daily tasks:

  • Keep your channel and produce new videos
  • Transmits live for your followers
  • You take photos and publish them online at Insta-Life
  • Take care of your community and talk to the fans.
  • Cultivates friendships and you relate to other youtubers of the game.

With the money you win with your transmissions and videos, you can also buy clothes, new equipment and furniture for your apartment. So basically it is about managing your life in the game and, ultimately, becoming the best youtuber.

When does Youtubers Life 2 appear? There is still no specific launch date. The game can still be expected in 2021.

You can get more information about YouTubers Life 2 in our special detailed Find Yout Next Game about the game:

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