Marvel Legendary reveals annihilation expansion

Marvel s first family and the cosmic side of the Marvel universe shine in the new version of Upper Deck Aniking Expansion for his successful game

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Marvel s first family and the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe shine in the new version of Upper Deck aniquilation expansion for its successful game Legendary: a Marvel deck construction game and expansion is now available. As the name indicates it, the expansion revolves around Annihilus, who is leading to the hordes of him in the negative area to war with our favorite heroes. The set includes five new heroes, including four fantastic and Silver Surfer, as well as 2 new Masterminds (including Annihilus) and Villanos such as Galactus, as well as a variety of their heralds, and you can ask the game right here.

You can work with other players to defeat Annihilus and the hordes of him or work against them and fight for yourself, and expansion has capacity for 1 to 5 players. Annihilation expansion is sold for $ 24.99 and you need the basic set for Legendary to play.

You can find the official description of Legendary Annihilation: A Marvel Deck Building Game Expansion below.

A new and dark threat has come with this legendary expansion. Annihilus, Lord of the Negative Zone, has declared war to anyone who crosses him on his way, causing heroes and villains to join this total annihilation. In defense of the universe, it is possible that you see ancient enemies like the four fantastic joined Galactus and Herraldos de Him! It s time for everyone to get side by side facing the wave of destruction that is coming: they join or collapse.

Legendary: Annihilation features:

Marvel s First Family returns to Legendary!
Two of Marvel s greatest antagonists come together to the rows of evil brains!
25th expansion to the vast legendary landscape!
5 Heroes! 2 new groups of Masterminds and Villain!
Players can work with and against other players to defeat evil!
Both friends and enemies will join the four fantastic as playable heroes in an attempt to defeat the
Annihilation wave!
All cards contain original art!

Legendary Annihilation: A Marvel Deck Building Game Expansion is now available, and you can ask yourself right here.

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