The FAQ Steam Deck finally published Answers to the main questions about devices

Some important confirmations about software and hardware in the FAQ the FAQ Steam Deck was finally published, and it contains details

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Steam Deck FAQ: 31 Big Questions Answered

The Steam Deck FAQ was finally published, and it contains major details on hardware and software. We do not know much about Steam Deck – he will use a custom AMD chip, it can be treated as a laptop and you can install Windows. However, with the recent Announcement of the FAQ, some questions receive at least one official valve response.

On the material side, there are some important confirmations. First, the Steam Deck works with VR helmets – which is particularly promising, since Pistol whip developers have received a Steam Deck and alluded to testing their Games in VR. The mooring of the Steam Deck will not increase the performance, unlike the Nintendo Switch – the Steam Deck will keep all its power even in portable mode. In terms of haptic or vibration, there will be two LRA engines under each trackpad. If you want to use the Deck as the most expensive controller of all time, you can also connect it to your PC as a controller. Finally, the deck will not support external GPUs.

On the software side, it seems that Valve adds important QoL functionality to its operating system before the output of Steam Deck. You can have multiple accounts, each with their local games and settings, on your device for family sharing. In addition, you can run non-Steam games, have multiple operating systems installed on your Steam Deck via multi-boot and even store an operating system on a separate SD card. This is good news for those who feared to have to install Windows or steamos.

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