The Franchise of Koei Tecmo Touken Ranbu Warriors strikes the switch

The franchise of Koei Tecmo, Touken Ranbu, will head to the Koei Tecmo switch is best known for its bold series Dynasty Warriors and Samurai

Dynasty Warriors (真 ・ 三國無双, Shin Sangokumusō, lit. Real 3 Kingdoms Unrivaled ) is a series of Japanese hack and also slash activity video games created by Omega Force and also Koei. The collection is a spin-off of Koei s turn-based method Love of the Three Kingdoms series, based upon the Chinese story of the exact same name, which is a fictionalized as well as exaggerated variation of the Chinese historic text Records of the 3 Kingdoms.
The initial game in the collection, titled Dynasty Warriors in English and Sangokumusō in Japanese, was a battling video game, a separate genre from the remainder of the video games in the series. Koei later developed a new video game as a spin-off as well as added words shin (真, true, genuine) to the start of the title to separate it from its predecessor. When the video game was localized for the North American market, the name came to be Dynasty Warriors 2. Ever since, all English titles have been phoned number one larger than their Japanese equivalents. Because the initial Dynasty Warriors game comes from a separate style as well as has a different series title in Japan, Koei Tecmo does not consider it an official access in the Dynasty Warriors series. This is shown by Koei-Tecmo s event of the series s 20th wedding anniversary in 2020, two decades after the release of Dynasty Warriors 2. In 2008, it was Koei s most successful franchise business, and as of February 2020, the collection has offered greater than 21 million duplicates worldwide.

Koei Tecmo is best known for his bold series Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, full of action and fun. The Touken Ranbu franchise is a free collection cards set available for iOS and Android. The mobile game arrives on the consoles for the first time, while Koei Tecmo announces that Touken Ranbu Warriors is expected to go out on Nintendo Switch in North America on 24 May 2022. Developers will bring the quality of the franchise to the console.

In Touken Ranbu Warriors, members of the Touken daughter are without a chef and were suddenly attacked by the History Retrograde army. Without their leader, the Touken daughter are ready to take up a real challenge because they have to survive the fight. After the conflict, the clan is approached by the government of the time. They are sent on mission to restore the original chronology of the Sengoku era. Are you ready to record the chronology?

The game offers action as planned, including massive battles and face-to-face fights with enemies. Touken Ranbu Warriors also includes a Honmaru, the main hero base, where players can see the daily life of these heroes and introduce a narrower relationship.

Fans interested in the upcoming game can view a complete display during the Tokyo Game Show. On October 2nd, the game will be presented for the first time with a complete translation into English. Interested persons can search for it here. Fans can also discover the game here.

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