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PVP Shooter Splitgate fighting while installing a portal. HALO Meets Portal , and I will deliver a play report of this work that is addictive that wants to play again somewhere.

1047 Games Developed and Operated by Games Free FPS Title Splitgate starts SEASON 0 from August 26, and STEAM evaluation is very popular with recent reviews and all reviews. It is a title of interest. Delivery of domestic PS4 versions will start and show excitement, we will deliver the play report of this work that can be enjoyed casually while having a unique atmosphere.

Reason called HALO + Portal

There are two points to be picked up to introduce this work. It means that the low-reaction weapons and portals are fired in two places and can be used as a gate. Although it is also touched by the official game introduction, IGN has granted this work as Halo + Portal fusion . Unfortunately I have never played the Halo series, but why I can not explain exactly whether it is close to Halo , and when I first saw it, quake I thought it was like. However, if you experience the weapons and operability of the appeared, it was not quake , that is, it understood that it is HALO .

In addition, Portal that will not need to be explained by this magazine reader, just installing two portal gates, and it can be free to go back and forth. Halo adds Portal movement elements and added the spice of tricky is the fun of this work.

Strong colorful weapons-There is also a close attack that there is a close attack

The tutorial was finished and the first to the shooting lot. First of all, it is a lot of weapon species. A rocket launcher that can not be launched or rocket jump that can not fire if you do not shoot a single shot carbin or 3-point burst. And near plasma weapons like BFB, which is plasma like plasma, BFB. Although common to all weapons is very small, most weapons are almost no reactionary. In addition, some weapons have extraordinary zoom, but it should be noted that it is easy to handle as the zoom rate is not high.

Of course, in this work, using the SPACE key again during jumping, using the SPACE key and can move the air with a booster, so the vertical control is also different from other titles, as it can move the air with a booster. I have an impression that seems to be important.

The portal can be installed or other indicators out of the wall, so you can check it in a very easy-to-understand manner whether you installed properly or not. However, unlike Portal , it is not possible to move like ultra-high speed because the jump is not high and no moving speed is high.

The settings are assigned their own crosshair to each weapon, but it is also possible to change the general cross hair such as dots and cruses. Customization is a color only, but it can be chosen from many types, so it is easy to find something that comes straight for me.

Casual is really casual

After touching the weapon, I will enjoy casual casual. However, serious problems occur here. If you find the enemy or find the enemy, you can not shoot SS in a situation where you can defeat or defeat the SS can not shoot at a situation where you can not shoot …, I would like to continue the report while taking the one that I took pochet .

Casual mode is a 4V4 match, 50kill first ordinary team death match. The weapon is equipped with a carbin immediately after Respone, and other weapons are the form of picking up something in a specific place on the map and replacing it. However, because the carbin is strong enough, let s try fighting at a short distance as much as possible. Since you don t have to worry about the recoil control, you just want to track, tracking AIM, so-called chase AIM, so I remember the sense that the bullet will be sucked into the enemy. It is easy to apply.

Even if shooting while fluffing while fluffing in the air in the booster, the amount of movement is not large enough, and the modification of AIM is relatively small, so it is easy to aim for the enemies that are moving, and it is quite easy to enjoy Yes. The thing tried to get on the shape of the map in the middle of the map, and the enemy s enemies in the middle of the map, but there is a trap from a lot of unexpected places, and there is a ray from a lot of places, and if it is a friend, it is easy It is likely to feel the feeling of fighting together.

On the contrary, what about the medium distance? Just because the upper layer was just taken, I try to aim at the enemy while zooming …. It is easy to apply too much. The zoom of the extraordinary extent above is just a perfect distance. As the count has been interrupted, the number of accurate people is unknown, but it seems that 12kill was taken as 12kill. I can beat it in a few times even if I aim at my feet, so if I see it, it seems good to shoot for now.

Actually, I m fighting without installing the portal so far, but because I have set up a portal several times, I have a few players, so First understand the portal and install it in a safe place In addition, I felt that it was that I used to not barre into the enemy. It seems that you will concentrate on the portal until you get used to it. On the other hand, the location where the portal can be installed is different from others, so it may be more interesting when you can see that it will be connected.

Do not pull at all to other FPS titles

This work is provided to the play mode for the race that measures the time, as well as elements such as battle paths, login bonuses, daily challenges. Rank matches will not go from Lv20 to play right away, but it is likely to be a timing of disconnection when you get used to operation. It is unknown that it is connected to any server or region, but the matching was fast and very comfortable.

Splitgate is underwater free for Windows / Linux (STeam) / PS4 / Xbox ONE / for free.

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