Non STEAM game execution and multi boot are also possible Mobile game machine Steam Deck Q A page release

Not only executing non-STEAM games, but also for remote play and multi-boot.

Valve has released the Q & A page for portable gaming PC Steam Deck .

Steam Deck is a portable gaming machine that released Past Gaming Power announced in July 2021. This product is scheduled to start shipping from December 2021, but Q & A page for common questions sent to communities, presses, Discords, and emails is released.

According to the answer on the Q & A page, Use multiple Steam accounts with one Steam Deck and Running a non-steam game using Steam Deck STeam Deck as a PC controller is possible, and It seems to be a multi-boot that installs and executes multiple OSs. Please check with the official Q & A page for other questions and details.

Steam Deck is scheduled to start shipping in December 2021, as mentioned above, in the United States, Canada, European Union, England. Other areas are scheduled to be shipped in 2022. It is expected to continue the future for the release schedule in Japan. In addition, we have also published questions about STeam Deck reservation purchase at the bottom of the product introduction page.

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