LOL Riot breaks up its goal with the new champions and promises more action next season

Read at Millenium: The developer had committed to launch six new characters in League of Legends every year. However, he will not be able to fulfill his goal and leave the rest of the orphan season of new arrivals to the lonquer s crack.

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League of Legends You will not receive new champions in what is left of the year. Attending to the developer s statements on the last Character Road Leaf, the last two heroes planned for the final stretch of the current season have seen its postponed launch at the beginning of next 2022. So, neither the mysterious new shooter with its particular Mechanics of basic attacks or the new support focused on accumulating gold will debut until the next season begins.

More new champions next year?

From the developer they had promised to perform a total of six premieres per year : one for each position with the exception of the central lane, where the launch of a character of skill power and another physical damage is carried out . However, an erroneous decision regarding a possible event that should have arrived in League of Legends during the final stretch of the year has led the developer to a delay similar to that we already suffer with VEX.

This situation could lead to a change of approach to the company for next year. Although they say that they still have not just been clear how this situation will affect the League of Legends launch calendar during next year 2022, on the table is possibility that you have a total of seven champions to try to compensate partially The two absences of the final stretch of the current campaign.

Riot Games has confirmed that Both characters will come to League of Legends in a virtually consecutive manner , being the shooter premiered in the first versions of next year and support a few patches later. In this way, it is likely that the situation of Viego is likely to be repeated and presented to the community on the occasion of the traditional starting talk where the main novelties of the year are announced.

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