New World How to get Aged Wood How to get aged wood

New World Weathered Wood is a level 2 craft resource that can only be achieved from larger and older trees. Is also one of the

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New World Weathered Wood is a level 2 craft resource that can only be achieved from larger and older trees. It is also one of the ingredients you will need to manufacture wood, which is a basic craft resource for the manufacture of weapons, engineering and urban projects. As such, you are probably wondering how to get aged wood in the new world , and this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

aged wood in the new world

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Aged wood can only be achieved from mature trees. These are the tall and mature trees that you will find in most of the wooded areas.

Short ripe trees to get worn wood in the new world

As the previous screen capture shows, you can not get worn wood of the new world until you reach the level of registration. fifty.

This is because to cut mature trees, it is necessary to have a felling level of 50. Once you have done it, equip your trowel ax, go to one and press E.

It should be noted that the more quality forest ax has, the more aged wood you get from each mature tree.

How to get to LV. 50 fast

The only way to increase the registration is simply make more records. This means that you will have to cut the young trees and others that you can cut with your logging ax at your current operating level.

The more I shoot, the more experience you will get to help increase your registration level. It is an obvious answer, but unfortunately it is the only one we can give it.

Why is aged wood used?

Aged wood is used to manufacture weapons, engineering and some city projects that can be accessed from the announcement board in the settlements.

That s all you need to know How to get aged wood in the new world . Be sure to check our wiki to get more tips and tricks about the game, or see more of our new world coverage below.

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