New World How To Get Petrified Wood How to get petrified wood

Petrified wood of the New World is the topic of conversation of Aeternum at this time, and not for a good reason. While this is just a rare fall, the

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Petrified wood of the New World is the topic of conversation of Aeternum at this time, and not for a good reason. While this is just a rare fall, players are having difficulty putting their hands on the team. In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know How to get petrified wood in the new world , even if it is actually completely failed in the game at this time.

Get petrified wood in the new world

Petrified wood is obtained by harvesting young and mature trees in the new world.

At least that s what the game says. Unfortunately, several players have said that after cutting innumerable young and mature trees, they have not had a single drop of material.

The players in Reddit suggested you pueden get petrified wood cutting dead trees. These are the ones that lie on the ground, but in our experience, this is not an infallible way to achieve it.

What is clear is that you will need to increase your luck. You can equip luck consumables and improve your luck by improving your logging skills by cutting more and more trees.

Increase the possibility of connection

Your lucky way of lumberjack can be improved by making a lumberjack ax with the stellar metal lumberner amulet during the elaboration. This can give 9.3% chance of finding rare elements when logging in.

Players have also noticed that certain foods that you can make can also increase your luck, and use different sets of equipment also increases luck.

The other option is to hang wooden trophies in your house. We have all listed below, including the ingredients you will need to elaborate and the percentage of increase in your lumber-luck bonus granting.

Leather lumberjack collection trophy: + 5% – 25 wood, 20 steel ingots, 1 maple stain, 25 air particles
Basic lumberjack collection trophy: + 10% – 25 planks of Wyrdwood, 20 stellar metal ingots, 1 oak stain, 1 lumberjack
Senior lumberbook collection trophy: + 15% – 25 railroad wood planks, 20 ingots of Oricalco, 1 mahogany dye, 1 pure resin

If you use all these methods to improve your luck in logging, you will have many more possibilities to get petrified wood of the new world when cutting young and mature trees.

Are there microphones on petrified wood?

At this time, Amazon Games has not confirmed if the Petrified Wood of the New World has microphones, but since it is a rare craft material, it is incredibly rare and does not seem to be following the rhythm. I should really.

Since you will need it for many rare weapons in the game, such rarity seems to indicate that Petrified Wood has errors or that Amazon has just had the fall rates in this really bad.

It is expected that this is solved in the coming days and that the petrified wood falls much more frequently.

That s all you need to know Petrified Wood of the New World . To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or consult more information about the game below.

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