Diablo II Resurrected How to unlock the secret level of cows

As a good remastery, in Diablo II Resurrected, all the contents that were included in the original title have been maintained, but with better graphics ….

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As a good remastery, in Diablo II Resurrected, all the contents that were included in the original title have been maintained, but with better graphics. This itself implies that the secrets that were present in Diablo II also appear in this new version, such as the secret level of cows , so let s explain how to unlock it in the following guide.

all the previous steps to unlock the secret level of the cows

The first step and the most essential of all to access this great curiosity of the game is have finished the campaign once . The level of difficulty will vary depending on the level where you have defeated Baal. In this sense, if you want to play in nightmare, you have to have passed the adventure at this level.

From there you will need a series of specific objects that will take you only a few minutes to do with them. The first of all is the horned cube , which you will receive safely as history progresses, specifically in the second mission of act 2.

After defeating Baal you will have to direct the stony field, where the portal that leads you to Tristán. If you open your eyes well, by the northern part of the scenario you will find Wirt s body. By touching it, it will begin to release money and an object that will be of the leg of it , but by a lot of repelus you have to pick it up.

Finally, you will need to buy a volume of the city portal . Virtually any seller of the different cities will have it in the catalog of their stores, so you only have to talk to one of them and acquire it.

How to unlock the secret level of cows

Rinse all these points, you will have collected everything necessary to unlock the secret level of cows. For this you will have to travel to the harpian camp, put all the objects mentioned above inside the horned cube and perform transmutation .

This will generate a red portal that you can access all the times you want while staying within the game and that will lead you to a totally new area. There the only kind of enemies with which you will find are some cows with very bad milk (easy joke) and armed with a spear with which you will take away a lot of life.

It s no nonsense. It is highly recommended that you are very well equipped before accessing the level of cows, because they stick very strong, although in exchange will deliver a good amount of experience , so it is one of the best places to level up with level Your characters.

Also, one of the great novelties that have been included in Diablo II Resurrected is that now nothing will happen to kill the king of cows . This boss is the most powerful of all the cows and the one that will give you a few very interesting objects, but ending it in the original . Instead, this impediment has been eliminated in this new version, so now you can play without problems all the times you want.

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