Yoon Ho Young Diji Temple Finance Accessibility becomes more important

Internet professional bank Cacao Bank Yoon Ho Young s representative is the Digital-Contact) … Digital-Contact …

Social changes are abrupt modifications in the framework and also nature of culture. These revolutions are typically recognized as having changed society, economic situation, culture, philosophy, and modern technology in addition to yet even more than simply the political systems.

The Internet Professional Bank Cacao Bank Yoon Ho Young, said that the 4th Industrial Revolution has deactivated that all the worlds have been digitally linked to the digital-contact era, explaining accessibility to the financial industry.

As a Republic of Korea 4 Industrial Revolution Festival in Seoul, Samsung COEX D Hall, the Korean Samsung COEX D hall,

The digital and all the worlds are connected, says Untact, which is a untact , which seems to be a digital contact, because it is negative, said Digital Contact Digital, he said, he said, It was observed that the industry would be the auxiliary means, which will be held in the center of me.

Yoon, Ji-tong has affected the finance, technology, user experience, interface, and differentiation, but double accessibility was most important.

He said, There was no more meaning to say Pin Tech and Techpin and Digiji Temple Financial Accessibility became most important.

He listened to the Super app and the Chinese insurer, which can digest the service closely in one application (app). In the case of finger insurance, it was invested in the Healthcare business for accessibility to the person who recommends the insurance for the individual after the health checkup, he said.

However, he was bounded that large traffic occurs and should not be interpreted to have a high accessibility. It is not often that it would be successful when it comes to a platform on a platform with a large traffic, and said, We wanted to provide a contextual service for our customers, he said.

Yoon Ho-young refers to Cacao Bank, Cacao Bank has evolved in a different direction with a friend list and character among the accessibility of KakaoTalk.

Meanwhile, Money Today Group and Judinnet Korea shall be governed by the Meeting Committee, the Department of Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Industry Ministry, Ministry of Land, and Fair Trade Commission. A conference and an exhibition proceed with a block chain, artificial intelligence, and the like. In the exhibition, 100 companies, including KT, the John and the Mega Jone Cloud, showed advanced digital products.

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