Pok mon Go Start of Halloween Events Today

At Pokémon Go is the big Halloween event. Here you will learn what awaits you at the scary society .

In Pokémon Go stands the start of the Halloween event before: the activation takes place today October 15, at 10 o clock. The gruselfest is divided into two parts this year. From 15 to 22 October, you first take part in the first part of the Halloween Schabernback – Creepy Society . On you, psycho- and poison pokémon and other friendly but eerie monsters are waiting. Besides, Galar-Lashoking, the Warlock Pokémon, is his debut in Pokémon Go and you can meet for the first time dazzling webarak. Just in time for the start, the next part of special research at the season of the Schabernback is also unlocked with misunderstood .

If you finish special research for this season, you will be releasing a special event at the end of the season, which may also be associated with Hoopa, the developers write. Strange monsters appear in Pokémon Go, including Galar-Lashoking as mentioned. The Halloween event can also be developed Galar-Flegmon to Galar-Lashoking. For this you have to make Galar-Flegmon for your buddy Pokémon and catch 30 Psycho-Pokémon. Carry out the wilderness to the Halloween event. At scary company are a Halloween Schabernack Pikachu, Zubat, Traumato, Nebulak and Webarak. You can also meet Makabaja – including his shiny form.

Look by Friday also in the Raid fights over: Level 1 are Galar-Flegmon, Kramurx, Zurrokex, Makabaja and Psiau, on stage 3, Alola-Raichu, Zombiris, Banette and Halloween Schabernbag Drifzepeli wait for you. On Level 5, you meet on giratina in the convertible shape, in the mega raids on Mega Gengar. Breaked on Halloween also diligently eggs: From the 7 km eggs, Webarak, Traunfugil, Shuppet, Klingplim, Galar-Makabaja, Golbit and Lochtel hatch. In turn, close the field research tasks to meet Pokémon such as Halloween Schabernack Pikachu, Zubat, Traumato, Webarak, Halloween Schabernack Plinfa, Fleknoil, Halloween Schabernack Drifzepenni, Galar Makabaja and Mollimorba.

Throughout the Halloween event in Pokémon Go, double slippers are also waiting for doubles, duplicate bonbons and double fishing sweets on you. There are also guaranteed XL sweets by walking with the buddy. Suitable to the gruselfest every night a remix of legendary Lavandia music is played, which is likely to ensure even more atmosphere at the Halloween event. Looks past the Ingame shop to secure you suitable Halloween outfits for your avatar. There are also three different boxes. One of them includes 50 poké balls, a remote-raid pass, two super-breeding machines and 4 times smoke for 480 poké coins.

Part 2 of the Halloween event at Pokémon Go launches on 22 October and runs until 31 October. Then Paragoni, Trombork, Irrbis and Pumpdjinn appear for the first time in the smartphone adventure.

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