GTA Remaster DataMiner find first content and they will be good

Achievement information about the GTA trilogy excavated. Image: Rockstar / Getty Images – Markswallow After the messages around the …

After the reports piled around the new edition in the past weeks, more information gaming from the Rockstar forge make the round through the net and already reveal the contents of you.

GTA: The Trilogy – Feny DataMiner promote new info

Recently, Findige data snoopers in the files of the Rockstar Game Launchers are hospitalized to the upcoming GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and brought fresh information to the daylight. To be more specific, the file drafts are a complete list of successes to the recast of the three gang speed parts.

Some achievements that you can achieve include symbols that indicate different allusions. So were found funny hints on Memes and the long-sought Bigfoot from San Andreas. In addition, achievements were discovered, which are associated with fan-exploits and speedrun tactics. The complete list has posted the User Alloc8or in the GTA forum.

The only one teaser to the GTA trilogy:

Most of the achievements in GTA: The Trilogy as expected

Many of the successes point to rewards that can earn their successful conclusion of missions, side tasks or killing other gang members and follow them the usual pattern of the series .

The 20th day of honor of GTA 3 takes Rockstar to rotate vigorously on the polish screw of previous parts. According to Rockstar, all three parts of the collection are graphically refreshed and modern gameplay improvements are included. However, you will also be properly asked to pay how the colleagues of Giga report.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will appear on November 11, 2021. This date is currently being careful with caution, as developer has so far no confirmation issued. A hardcopy version could also be published. Whether this is also the case directly to the release or pushed down is so far unclear. (Source: Kotaku)

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