PS5 Faceplates Manufacturer gives on threat of legal action

The PS5 was published in the past year with some special features and possibilities. For example, owners of the console are right …

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The PS5 was published in the past year with some special features and possibilities. For example, owners of the console are quite uncomplicated to significantly change the look of the hardware with faceplates.

Shortly after the announcement of the option, first manufacturer made to work and prepared the sale of these faceplates – but usually without previously talked to Sony. Legal steps or their threats were the result.

Also Dbrand has to retreat

As is known on the weekend, another company received Faceplates, unpleasant mail from the Sony lawyers. In a post published on Reddit , the peripheral manufacturer Dbrand reacted quite thin to the declaration of cease and desist after the company previously showed very optimistic that the sale of so-called darkplates was on the safe side.

Apparently stone of the impetus: The Faceplates of Dbrand have a small texture, just like the official PS5-faceplates. The version of the peripheral manufacturer is slightly different from the button design of the original, but clearly clearly shows the four known PlayStation icons.

If you look at this microscopic texture inside the Darkplates, what do you see? Totally legal, Dbrand said last February . If your answer, a familiar, but legally harmless apocalyptic variant of the classic Playstation buttons is, you could be one of our lawyers. And directed to Sony: Only too, sues us.

The modified PlayStation icons of Dbrand.

The optimism of Dbrand seems to be gone. After threatening legal action with the latest writing of the Sony lawyers, the peripheral manufacturer finally retired from the sale of the PS5-faceplates.

The operators speculate that Sony may be intent to bring their own black faceplates to the market or bind them to a license model, where they have a monopoly on custom faceplates.

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Finally, the retractor was not too diplomatic: We decided to give the demands of terrorists … For the time being, says Dbrand. We firmly believe in the right of consumers to adapt and modify their hardware with aftermarket components, but your Darkplates are now a collector s item, says Dbrand before it was less professionally went on: Fuck you and especially Fick Sony. We ll talk soon.

The fact that the sale of PS5-Faceplates does not seem to be problematic, among other things, the dealer CMP , which offers the side panels still in different versions.

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