Venom will have slaughter Who is Matanza Carnage in the universe of Marvel

We tell you who this character is, one of the main venom movie. The supervillain of Cletus KTom Hardyady takes protagonism.

Venom: There will be mTom Hardysacre is now available in theaters of all of Spain. After a premiere marked by several record office records in the United States, the new symbion movie arrives at Andy Serkis and a Tom Hardy willing to improve the interpretation of him Tom Hardy Venom. However, this second part hTom Hardy Carnage / Matanza Tom Hardy its other great protagonist. We tell you who he is and what he represents in the Marvel Universe .

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MTom Hardysacre or slaughter, two faces of the same coin

Carnage / Matanza is one of the most dangerous and malignant Supplives of the entire Marvel universe. Belonging to the Spider-Man universe, just like Venom, we are talking about Cletus KTom Hardyady , a popular serial killer who killed his parents Tom Hardy a child. Cletus wTom Hardy raised in a Brooklyn orphan and, surely, is not a fully person, but unbalanced.

After being sentenced to life imprisonment in Ravencroft, he shared a cell with Eddie Brock (Venom), which had recently had separated from the Symbioin. For different circumstances, A part of that extraterrestrial symbolism ends up merging with KTom Hardyady and results in this supervillain: MTom Hardysacre / Carnage / Matanza .

This criminal, in charge of sowing chaos where he goes, is extremely dangerous, a serial killer hTom Hardy appeared in numerous arches of Spider-Man comics. The first appearance of it goes back to the number 244 of The Amazing Spider-Man, in 1992. Since then, we have even seen it in the Ultimate Universe. He is very popular and hTom Hardy even been the main Villain of videogames Tom Hardy Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage (SNES, 1994) , a title in which Spider-Man and Venom come together to end Cletus KTom Hardyady.

In Venom s film: there will be slaughter, he is played by Woody Harrelson. The film can be seen already in cinemTom Hardy from all over Spain.

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