Encryption guide for beginners

Hello, card players. Most likely, you have collected encryption thanks in large part to our review and I want to know where to start with your

Hello, card players. Most likely, you have collected ciprado thanks in large part to our review and I want to know where to start with your career and how to take full advantage of each race. In addition, you may need help to discover some quick and easy tricks that will help you from the beginning in the Leshy cabin. That is what our encryption guide for beginners is for.

Cifrado Guide for beginners: Tips for building covers

The idea behind each execution of Cifrado This deck begins with four cards and is complemented by a deck of resources. Each creature letter has an attack and defense value, as well as an invocation value. The invocation values ​​include blood, which marks how many creatures should be sacrificed to invoke it, and bone chips. You receive bone chips every time a creature you control is sacrificed or dead.

The resource deck is where you can play treadmills at no cost. These can be used as last minute blockers, sacrificed to invoke stronger charts and be used to stock up on bone chips. The bone chips are only introduced as a resource once you lose before Leshy for the first time.

The biggest challenge while you play is know when to remove from your main deck and your resource deck. Do you need more sacrifices to summon your big batters or rise to take out from the deck to get something of lower cost?

The answer to that will depend on where the current construction of your mallet is directed. If you stack the deck with wolves, for example, you will need more sacrifices. If you have played some CCG, you must know the term fucked resources , where your hand is full of high-cost letters and without resources to play them. To mitigate this, try to choose the lowest possible cards in your initial game. This is the kind of game that rewards the stable and reliable plays more than the great ones.

If this section seems scarce in a consistent strategy, it is mainly due to enciptation. Roguelite elements in Leshy s cabin. You can not build exactly a deck from scratch (still), so you should take what you can get. That said, the various cards of creatures and stealth skills lend themselves to some simple synergies and strategies.

Cifrado Guide for beginners: types of creatures

There are several types of creatures in ciprado , but to generalize there are four main categories.

The dog creatures are quite simple. These are the gross that try to destroy things and not much more. These include the basic wolf, the wolf cub that is transformed into an adult wolf after a single shift has passed, the hound that moves immediately to attack an enemy letter once it enters the board, assuming that none of your Letters are on the road, and the alpha wolf attack. If you just want to beat things tight with fast attacks and tall numbers, take a look. Simply do not wait for a solid defense or resistance.

Alternatively, avian creatures have to do with avoiding defenses with the flight. Their costs are generally cheaper, just a blood on average. Unfortunately, there are not many heavy weights between them. The Vulture of Turkey is the most obvious card, but it costs 8 bones to convene. These creatures work better as accessories of a mallet instead of a more dedicated construction.

Then there are the reptile creatures. In short, repiles are all defense and state skills. The bull frog can block flying attacks. The viper has an instantaneous poison skill whenever she attacks any creature. Slinks immediately generate their tail cut as a separate creature when attacked. This is great if you enjoy more technical bundles buildings where you can interrupt and undo the enemy attacks.

Finally, there are insect creatures. These are my personal favorites of the different types of creatures. Basically, it is about convening hordes and staying alive. The imperect ability of the cockroach returns it to your hand every time she is sacrificed or murdered. The queen ant and working ant cards become stronger when there is more of your kind at stake. The corpse worms are immediately invoked from your hand if another creature dies. This makes space management a major concern, but if you correctly manage your bone tokens, you can overwhelm your opposition with unprocessed numbers here.

As for the stealth, there are many. Basically, they are symbols that represent a skill. A wing means that they fly, a skull and crossed warm mean they are poisonous, etc. There is a giant book that is always close to the table that can browse if you need a review of these symbols. There is a lot to review and a little research is very useful.

Cifrado Guide for beginners: places of interest in map symbols

Of course, taking into account general strategies for your deck is only half of the game of ciprado . You must also choose roads on a map to determine what you will face and how you will prepare for the boss s fight at the end. This part of the guide will explain some of the areas on the map and what to look for.


The skulls and a crow on top of a skull are encounters. The skulls are simple games in which you and Leshy fight to see who can drop its scale first. A raven in a skull is where Lesy will take a totem, which will give his creature cards an additional skill as peak damage or the ability to fly. Be very careful when dealing with these meetings; You will feel overwhelmed if you are not prepared.


From there are the bonfire meetings. In these meetings, you can take a creature letter from your deck and place it on fire. This will increase the health of that letter or the power of attack according to what that specific bonfire generates. Use this on your lower cost cards. A single increase can make a big difference.

As you progress, these bonfires will allow you to use them several times on the same card. But every time he does, there is a risk that the card is destroyed. As easy as being greedy here, the general rule for me is to do it twice and then run.


Continuing this is the symbol of the backpack. If you go here, Leshy will offer you several items. These elements can be used at any time during your turn. You can only have three items at most, and if you visit this location with a full bag, Leshy will give you a Creature Card Pack Rat. He costs two sacrifices and adds an element at random to the table when it is summoned (assuming there is space).

The great elements to consider are the following:

A pair of pliers. You can use this to get a tooth and get a free beat in Leshy. It is great as a recovery mechanics or to finish a game.
A card in a jar. It is exactly what it seems. Choose the bottle and you will immediately get that aggregate card at your hand. These range from healthy squirrels, boulders to block and black goats destined for forage sacrifice.
A fan. You can use this to give all your creatures the ability to fly for a single shift. Make it
A sand clock. If you use this, Leshy will be forced to pass the next turn of him. Without attacks, without plays, nothing. Keep it for chief fights or for complicated totems battles.
A pair of scissors. You can use this to cut and immediately destroy one of Leshy s cards. Use it wisely.

Steam Deck Introducing Deck Verified

Stealth altar

From here are the stealth altars, represented by a stone slab with runes recorded in them. This is where things become techniques. You get two bright areas for cards on this altar. The horizontal point is for sacrifices. Choose a letter that has a seal that you like. If you can find it on a higher cost card or something you know that it is powerful, even better. The vertical point is for the hostess card. Choose a letter that you invoke very often or have no special ability.

Congratulations, you have sacrificed the first letter and you have given your special skills to the last letter. This will last until the end of your career. Better yet, there does not seem to be limits on how many stealth can be in a letter. Go crazy.

The following areas rarely appear in the first parts of the map and play a more important role as you advance. Inscryption.

Altar of Sacrifice

The first is the altar of sacrifices. This is marked by a square with an X in it. This is quite simple. Choose a letter from your deck for which you no longer have any real use. Or added against his will or simply does not work with his construction. This will eliminate the letter from your deck and give you a bonus, generally giving you bone chips at the beginning of each meeting for the rest of your career.

Wood craver

Then there is the wooden carver. Its place on the map is marked by several symbols followed by a branch. Go here and she will offer one of the two pieces for her own totem of her. The first piece is a head that determines what type of creature receives the impulse. The second part is the impulse itself. This persists until the end of your career. Like the stealth altar, keep in mind what you are building your deck and lean towards him.

Medical Myconid.

The following is the miconid doctor, which is under the symbol of a fungus. This monstrosity of two heads is very interested if you have doubles of any letter in your deck. Show a couple of the doctor and they will combine them, they will duplicate their values ​​and combine any stealth that they have together. If you do not have doubles, they will offer you a copy of something that she already has.

Cueva inhabitant

Continuing this is the inhabitant of the caverns. Properly, this is marked by a cave with a couple of eyes peeking. When you come here, you will have a test based on your current deck. These challenges are things like the combined attack value of three stolen charts should be equal or greater than X». If you spend these tests, you can choose between an improved creature letter.


The next is the trapper, marked by a trap for bears. When you meet the trapper, she will offer you to sell you some skins. This is where things get complicated a bit. Whenever you engage and influence excessive damage to Leshy, those additional teeth are placed in a bowl. You use these teeth to buy skins to the trapper. They come in three separate levels by cost: rabbit skin, wolf skin and golden skin. Buy some of these and keep them.

Try not to buy more than three skins at a time. Once they are purchased, they add to their deck. They can not attack or be sacrificed. The best use they have is for defense and blocking. In the worst case, you can flood your hand as a dead weight.


This is important because it will want to get to the merchant as soon as possible. The location of it is marked by a symbol of bent leaves. Go towards her and you can change the skins of your mallet for powerful letters. Rabbit skins are changed by standard letters. Wolf skins are exchanged by improved letters with at least two seals in each. Finally, the golden skins are changed by extremely rare and powerful cards.


Finally, we will need to explain enciptation Element Roguelite: Deathcards. Every time Lesy defeats you, she will drag you to a different room to seal your destiny. But before you kill you, you build a Deathcard using elements of your own deck. You start with the cost of the letter, then the values ​​of attack and defense, followed by Sigilos. Finally, she will ask you your name. Once again, build something with a lot of power at low cost.

Once you have done this, Leshy will take your picture with a camera, blinding the screen, at which time your next race begins. In addition, the death letter you created will be added to a random group and it is possible that it is added to your initial deck. Take this as often as you can. Sometimes, all you need is a good card to change the course.

With that, we have barely scratched the surface of what Cifrado has in store for you. But when it comes to the beginning, this guide will help you perfectly. For help further with different elements Cifrado , so we covered there.

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