Pok mon Go Waiting for redeeming your temporary research it helps you

A coach advises in Pokémon Go to wait with the redeem of temporary research. We looked at us why you can help.

Halloween Havoc is a former pay-per-view of wrestling produced by the World Championship Wrestling from 1989 to 2000. The first two editions were under the NWA banner of the Jim Crockett Promotions. The last five editions took place in Las Vegas at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Inpokémon Go runs at the moment the first part of the Halloween event. Of course, the trainers can look forward to numerous Pokémon, bonuses and tasks. Now, however, a player advises to wait with the redeem of temporary research. We looked at what the reason is and explain it.

What kind of research is it? As part of the Halloween event 2021, Pokémon Go has again provided new tasks. Among them is also a new temporary research that is all about the Halloween Cup and the Super League of the Go-Kampfliga.

Like any temporary research, it is only active in the event period. This means that you have solved the tasks until the end of the Halloween event on October 31, 2021 at 20:00 local time. In addition, you have to collect the corresponding rewards until then, otherwise they disappear after expiration. For the reward, you will receive various Pokémon from this research.

Now, however, a coach advises to wait with the revenue of these tasks. We show you why that can help you.

That s why you should wait with the revenue

Halloween Event 2021 & Hoopa Special Research Completed in Pokemon GO
Parallel to temporary research was also the new special research What is hidden behind the mask? released. With this you have to catch numerous Ghost Pokémon. In particular, the 3rd part of this research could first face one or the other coach from a challenge.

That was also the coach Westla-Native. He formulated a clear reference to other Pokémon Go players and published this on Reddit: Waiting to redeem the temporary Halloween Cup research until your part 3 has achieved by special research under the mask . (via

The reason for this is the task that the players expect in this part. There, 9 different Pokémon of the type spirit should be caught. That does not sound so bad at first, because after all, the Halloween event runs and spawn some ghosts. However, that is often the same.

So you raise the rewards of temporary research, then you can meet Makabaja, Galar Makabaja, Zobiris and Quabbel. These are all of the type of spirit and spawn in the wilderness currently not so common.

Attention! If your temporary research is solved in time before expiration, otherwise the rewards expire!

Can the task be solved without temporary research?

All trainers who have already redeemed their temporary Halloween research can breathe. You can still solve the special research during the current event, but needs some patience.

This also found Gogbi, who does not save the research and writes in the comments: I stuck, because I did not do that, but with the new spawns during the second event part next week I will do it. (via

Monster from RAIDS: Other coaches, like Arizzira, also point out that there is one or the other monsters in the RAIDs. So if you do not want to wait until the second part of the Halloween event, you can also meet on the missing Ghost Pokémon.

So Arizzira writes: Nebulak, Shuppet, Makabaja, Traunfugil, Driftlon and Quabbel are traveling in the wild. Giratina, Mega Gengar, Drifzepeli, Zombiris and Banette are in the Raids. Pretty well planned, so if you do not want to wait, then your raid must. You have the choice! (via

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Other options: But there are other ways to get to the missing Ghost Pokémon. All coaches that are not so popular and prefer to travel in the PVP league remains the opportunity to earn one or the other reward. Depending on the level you can also meet Giratina, Drifzepeli, Quabbel, Zombiris and Lichel.

In addition, one or the other monsters hides in the current field research tasks of the month of October. There you can meet among other things on lights and Kryppuk. Which Pokémon is in which quests, we have summarized you here.

Also pay attention to the field research for the Halloween event. There you have the opportunity to meet a Galar Makabaja.

How do you come with special research What hides behind the mask? Ahead? Have you saved the rewards of temporary research or trying to catch the ghost-Pokémon on another way? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments.

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