Yokubalis that scatters the gap while moving high speed Pokemon Unite is strong in Gachi Explanation of performance that does not become a clay

The leading role of Pokemon Unite Halloween event was Yokibaris ?

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Pokemon Unite Halloween event is held from October 20, 2021. According to it New Pokemon Yokubaris has appeared.

Thanks to the Halloween event, the new Pokemon seems to be hidden by the shadow … I thought for a moment, but it was reverse. Rather, the leading role of Halloween is Yokibaris.

◆ Special system of Yokovis

Yokibaris usually attacks . When picking up it, the physical strength recovers, and at the same time, it is and the gauge increases by a gauge.

The more the gauge has increased the longer the waiting time of the technique, but in the contrary, it is difficult to use this. It is difficult.

Five only when the level goes up Hoaruaru , Moving only while moving Hoshiro will be remembered, one of the techniques that use them well It will be the point to attack.

◆ Anyway, Gepp is great

There are three types of per , Gep , Taneman Gun that have only come, but it is ★ も ゲ ゲ ゲ ゲ ゲ ゲ ゲ .

Gepp is a fan-like technique, and if the gauge has accumulated up to the maximum, the latency will be zero. Even if the gauge is half-ended, the latency is very short, so is close to the technique that can be almost two consecutive fires.

Gepop can be used while hiding further. It is quite difficult to attack the enemy while picking up only, but if you get used to I m going to spread a wide range of gaps while moving fast. This is strong.

◆ If you remember the Unite technique, you get rid of it!

In addition, it is a unite technique Well goodbye only dive is very high performance. This technique dive at a specific position After doubt, the gauge is infinite, that is, Infinite gap is shooting .

If you shot this towards a rugged turtle or Thunder …. There is no doubt that it will be a ridiculous amazing. Yokvalis will be active at least during the Halloween period.

In addition, if you proceed with Halloween event, you can replace Yokubalis license with 70 pumpkins. Because it is easy to obtain, it will be a Pokemon that is worth trying once.

◆ Aim for the weakness of Yokubalis!

There is also a weakness for such yokovis. First of all, the defense power is low while being defense type. As it is, compared with Cabgon, about one degree is inferior to the defense.

Also, the is that the technique is not good at the time. Level 7 immediately in the central area, and if possible, you want to make Level 9 before the ridiculous turtle.

In addition, it is currently in Halloween event, and a special skill that can be thrown pumpkin to cover the other party. It will be advantageous if you stop the movement of Yokibaris, as it will not be able to attack pumpkins.

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