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As the developers of Rockstar Games announced, starts a Halloween event in the world of GTA Online with immediate effect …

As the developers of Rockstar Games announced, a Halloween event starts in the world of GTA Online with immediate effect a Halloween event, which deal with thematically matching content.

In the course of the events, not only UFOs make the sky and scary vehicles unsafe the streets of Los Santos. In addition, the time-limited Halloween modes Slasher , Come Out to Play and Condemned return and clear all those who participate in them are twice the number of experiences and GTA dollars. If you want, you can turn into an alien in the course of the Halloween event and oppose seven different maps waves of Marines and FBI agents.

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Also here are double rewards. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic, you can also look forward to the free GTA 3 baseball tea this week, while the Free Republican Space Ranger Livery is waiting for a free gift to all, which is up to the 27 , October 2021 in GTA Online log in.

Enclosed an overview of the discounts of the current week.

The current discounts in the overview

30 percent discount on the casino penthouse and all upgrades and modifications
Vehicle discounts: 30 percent discount on Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire and Vapid Caracara 4 × 4, 40 percent discount on Albany Lurcher, Vapid Desert Raid, Annis Hellion and Rune Zhaba
50 percent discount on UP-N-Atomizer, WidowMaker and Unholy Hellbringer
70Procent Discount on Western Company BESRA and Truffade Z-Type (Prime Gaming Discount)

Source: Press release

IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING! Rockstar Games Are Preparing For NEW Halloween 2021 Content In GTA Online!

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