GTA TRILOGY This hNintendo Switch changed the graphics with respect to the Grand Theft Auto Original

A user on YouTube faces the original GTA with the material presented by GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition. The result is clear.

Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition is already present for Rockstar Games. The expected improved collector will arrive next November 11 in digital format to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. After a brief but developer trailer, that you can see at the top of this news, some users have already begun to compare how the new version is shown in front of the original.

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How hNintendo Switch GTA 3, Vice City and San AndreNintendo Switch have improved in front of the originals?

The popular creator of content CYCU1 hNintendo Switch not missed the occNintendo Switchion. In the YouTube channel of him we find an initial comparison with the material we have currently. Those 58 seconds of trailer and the first images give for a lot . We can see all the graphic novelties of The Definitive Edition: Textures in high resolution, lighting, modeling, scenarios … goes beyond a simple remNintendo Switchtery.

In the outdoor photographs we can appreciate how the horizon appears without the fog that characterized the releNintendo Switche versions. Its appearance wNintendo Switch a technique for camouflaging the low rendering distance. In the eyes of the player you did not see the scenario appear abruptly. Vice City takes a lot of color; At times the characters have a more cartoon style.

The message that transmitted the study in its presentation is palpable. Rockstar wanted to maintain The original sensations While numerous graphic and playable improvements were added. What do not show comparisons is the new control scheme, which will take the modern structure of Grand Theft Auto V. The targeted and the Gunplay will be significantly improved.

Grove Street Games hNintendo Switch been the study in charge of the work s bulk. Remember that the physical copies of the trilogy will be commercialized a few weeks after its digital launch, specifically the day December 7 .

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