Horizontal Scroll STG Vault Tengu Zombie Nation Release The face of the Great Tengu Fives for peace recapture

United States taken away. While the monsters that occurred abnormally, the face of the Great Tengu, who has received people s prayer, jumps for peace recapture.

The phoenix, sometimes written phoenix (of the old Greek φοῖνιξ / photonix, in the probable meaning of blood red ), is a legendary bird, endowed with a long life and characterized by its power to reborn after having consumed in the flames.. It symbolizes the cycles of death and resurrection. Its modern nickname is the firebird.
Georges Cuvier (1769-1832) saw in him the golden pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus). It has also been identified with the bird of paradise and flamingo pink.
Although associated with Greek mythology, fabulous birds similar to the Phoenix are found in Persian mythology under the name of Simurgh or Rokh, Chinese under the name of Fenghuang, Amerindian: bird-thunder or aborigine in Australia: l Minka bird.
The phoenix is ​​from Arabia and attached to the cult of the sun in the former Egypt, where he was venerated. According to classical Greek and Latin authors, it was a kind of eagle with brilliant plumage, red and gold, or multicolored. Solin, for example, describes its appearance (polyhistor, chapter 34).

There too is born the phoenix, which has the greatness of the eagle, the head adorned with feathers forming a cone, caroncules to the throat, the radiant neck of gold, the rest of the purple body, if it does not is the tail, which is brilliant azure and strewn with incarnate feathers. »

It never existed only one phoenix at a time; He lived very long: five hundred years to several thousand years according to the authors.
The Phoenix reproduces himself to the identical: when he feels his end come, he builds a nest of aromats, cinnamon, incense and others; He puts the fire, beats wings to stir up the flames and consumes there. Once reduced as a ashes, he is reborn. The oldest tradition is less poetic because it is reborn from its corpse.
It is particularly present in the saga Harry Potter; Fumseck is the phoenix of Albus Dumbledore, director of Hogwarts.

Our highest ranked opponent yet! (#83 global) | Empires and Puzzles War Hits

City Connection launched Vault Tengu & Zombie Nation.

This work is a horizontal scroll shooting game released in 1990. While the monsters that occurred abnormally, while the monsters that occurred abnormally, while the monsters that occurred abnormally, while the monsters that occurred abnormally, while the monsters who occurred abnormally occurred, the people s prayer, the face of the Great Tengo flew for peace recapture.

In this work, Zombie Nation released in 1991 as the North American version of Vault Tengu can also play, and new features such as rewind function, quick save / load, and fire setting have been added.

In addition, with the sale of this work, Vault Tengu Tengu goods such as Skajan, Long T-shirt and Toteback are released at Clarischop. In addition, premium live Exciting will be held on November 26, and it is scheduled to be held on the official site.

Vault Beaven Tengu & Zombie Nation is released for 1,200 yen at STeam / Nintendo Switch, with 1,080 yen until November 4th.

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