Bandai Namco unveils better than expected results

Bandai Namco unveiled his results for the first semester of the fiscal year close on 31 September 2021. Halfway from fiscal year, Bandai Namco already displays a figure of 3 billion euros and a beneficial

Banzai NAMC unveiled its results for the first half of the fiscal year close on 31 September 2021.

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Halfway from fiscal year, Banzai NAMC already has a turnover of 3 billion euros and a net profit of 302 million euros, which continues to place it as the biggest company among all the Japanese publishers thanks to its other fruitful activities such as toys and derivatives. The traditional video game on consoles and PC represents 425 million euros or 1 billion euros when adding mobile games. In addition to its new license Scarlet Nexus, remember that Banzai NAMC launched Tales of Arise in September, which quickly reached the million copies sold.

Results of Banzai NAMC

Period | Turnover | Operational Profit | Net profit

April 2020 – September 2020 | 2.5 billion euros | 351 million euros | 242 million euros
April 2021 – September 2021 | 3 billion euros | 472 million euros | 302 million euros

Banzai NAMC distributed 19.6 million games between April and September 2021, which is a little better than in the same semester last year (18.3 million). The publisher has shipped the same number of games in Europe and America ($9 million) compared to 1.3 million for Japan. But be careful not to go wrong: all activities combined, Japan remains by far the largest market in the group: it has achieved 402 million euros in profits in the archipelago against 114 million euros for All the rest of the world.

Dragon Ball, Mobile Suit Gun dam and One Piece remain the three most juicy licenses of Banzai NAMC. All activities combined, these three franchises generated respectively 467 million, 383 million and 165 million euros between April and September 2021.

After having done better than expected in the first half, Banzai NAMC plans a very high-volley fiscal year with a turnover exceeding 6 billion euros for the first time and a net profit of 443 million euros, which would be the second-best result of its history. It must be said that a certain Elder Ring will come out in time to complete his fiscal year in style.

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