GTA San Andreas All cheats for PS4 and PS5 GTA Trilogy

Jetpack, cars, weapons, money and Co. – here are all cheat codes for Grand Theft Car: San Andreas and GTA Trilogy for PS4 and PS5.

Here you can find all cheats to GTA: San Andreas UGTA Trilogy for PS4 and PS5. Because CJS Open World adventure is still one of the most popular abyss of Rock stars Action series and is still played as crazy. You want to cheat, then you will find the corresponding codes here.

For these platforms, the following cheats apply: GTA San Andreas is now at home on a number of platforms. The cheats listed here, or the associated keyboard shortcuts can be used for PS5, PS4, PS3 and PS2.

These San Andreas cheats can be found here:

Weapon cheats
Vehicle cheats

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Funny cheats for road traffic
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GTA San Andreas PS5 Remake - All Usable Cheats (Definitive Edition)

How do I chase in GTA San Andreas on PlayStation?

Cheating is not a witchery in the Gangster world of San Andreas. You must only enter a key combination in the current game, which can be found for the relevant cheat of the lower table.

For the input we recommend the control cross (D-PAD) because it is more accurate than the analog sticks. After all, nobody wants to try.

Do Cheats have disadvantages?

Yes: You scream, then your trophies are deactivated on the PS4 and PS5. It does not best save when your cheat is using or putting a separate Model score.

Weapon cheats for GTA San Andreas on PS5 and PS4

Vehicle cheats for GTA San Andreas on PS5 and PS4

Cheats for vehicle properties on PS5 and PS4

Character cheats — health, money and more on PS5 and PS4

Cheats for search levels get rid of and increase

Funny cheats for road traffic

Funny passers-by-cheats

Warning: Cheats marked with a star can no longer be reversed, which is why your game should not save you after activating the respective cheat.

New cheats for GTA San Andreas for iOS and Android

For the mobile version of San Andreas there s still a handful of other cheats that do not work for console versions:

Survivability (also works with vehicles)
Special weapons like the mini-gun
Skip current mission (perfect for annoying quests)
High gambling skill
Time travel 4 hours in the future
A whole series of additional debug cheats

Here we explain how you unlock them: How to work the mobile cheats for San Andreas.

Other cheats for GTA

In this guide you will find all cheats for GTA 5. In another Gamer article we run all cheats for GTA Vice City for you. Cheerful cheating to all hobby gangsters!

Which cheats in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Generally in the games of the GTA series you prefer to use and why? Betray us in the comments!

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