Italy and the big tremor

A match day is still off – and in two groups there are decisions on Monday. England only has to go the last step, while the remote duel promises big tension between Italy and Switzerland around the World Cup ticket. Who trembles? who needs

Group C: tricky remote duel

already qualified: —
Outgoing position: After 1: 1 between Italy and Switzerland in Rome, the decision in group C falls in the remote duel. Both the Italians and the Swiss Eidgengen each have 15 points, but the Azure have a better gear difference about two gates and therefore at least a small advantage. The disadvantage, however, is that they have to start out in Northern Ireland, while Switzerland has a home game against Bulgaria.
The NATO must either hope for a European champion s Patter or catch up at least two goals on Italy to achieve the World Cup from its own power. It will be tricky, Italy should win 1: 0 and Switzerland 3: 0. In this very special case, both teams would be point and grateful and would have played draw twice in direct comparison. Then the animator rule would come to bear — and the dignity of Switzerland benefit.
Rotated: Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Lithuania

Group F: Does Denmark retain its white vest?

Already qualified: Denmark
Outgoing position: In group F everything is already decided. Denmark travels to Qatar, while Scotland is allowed to go to the hopeful round. On the last match day, the Brave hearts receive the group winner and could ensure that the Danes, who so far nine victories from nine games imports, not finish the qualification with 30 points and a white vest.
Rotated: Israel, Austria, Fare Islands, Republic of Moldova

Group I: England practically through, theoretically but not yet

Already qualified: \ —

Starting position: With the 5-0 via Albania England ensured that a duel was made in group I from a three-fight. The Albanians are out, England leads the season with 23 points. Poland, which solved his compulsory task in Andorra at the 4: 1 loose, has 20 meters and must always win against Hungary at home, the theoretical chance should still be preserved. However, so that the Poles become first, England would have to lose in San Marino and, on top of that, a little more than six goals in comparison to Poland retry better gear difference. Should that happen, then that would be a miracle in football yet.
excreted: Albania, Hungary, Andorra, San Marino

Here s the location in the groups A (Portugal / Serbia), B (Spain / Sweden) and H (Croatia / Russia)

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