Starship Hunk is perhaps the craziest thing Marvel has generated yet

Hulk s new Smashtronaut era obtains even weirder

Donny Cases has said that the Hunk comes to be a Astronaut in his upcoming new recurring collection with artist Ryan Bottle, yet has actually additionally refuted insurance claims it s set in celestial spaces regardless of just how much the Astronaut seems like a funny take on Astronaut. As well as now with the just-revealed description of February 2022 s Hunk 4, we have a far better concept of where he is going.

The Marvel Multiverse.

In a ship called… obtain this… Starship Hulk.

In what might be an unusual contender for our list of the the finest superhero flights of all time, the Starship Hunk — piloted by Bruce Banner — is taking a trip across the Marvel Multiverse to a brand new, all-different alternate Earth where Thunderbolt Ross is president — and has an army of gamma-powered mutates supporting him.

Hunk is the latest Wonder Comics series to occupy discovering the Marvel Multiverse in the wake of the MCU s multiverse shenanigans obtaining underway with Avengers: Endgame, Loki, What If…?, and the upcoming big-screen Spider-Man: No Way House and also Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Chaos.

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In addition to Hulk, the Wonder Comics recurring collection Avengers Forever, in addition to the restricted series Master: World War M, Dark Ages, and even Avengers: Tech-On Avengers are all discovering the idea of the modern Marvel Multiverse, which s without pointing out the expansion of to Suppose.? As a line of comics.

While the Hunk is venturing out into the Marvel Multiverse and also this unusual variation of Planet he s located, the bigger mystery of the series will certainly be exactly how Hunk came to be a Astronaut. Those concerns will certainly begin to get the answer on November 24 s Hulk 1. The aforementioned Hunk 4 takes place sale on February 16, 2022.

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