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Brian Birmingham was at Countdown to Classic podcast to talk about WoW Classic in all his shapes and colors.

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The first season of the championship for WOW CLASSIC is known to start a few days ago and so a launch the Blizzard developers like to use an accompanying PR talk. For example, Lead Classic Developer Brian Birmingham was recently at the countdown to classic podcast, where all side topics around Classic Fresh and the other Classic variants of World of Warcraft came to the table.

by WoW Classic to season of the championship

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So that you do not have the full hour podcast, we have summarized the most important findings from the chatting round in the following:

According to Some changes in WoW Classic, there’s now Many changes in the season of the championship. But that is not because the team is now another or that something changed at the basic philosophy. In fact, for LIZARD, long before the launch of TBC Classic, it was clear that you want to make a kind of classic fresh. After the start of TBC Classic came out in the discussions then that you would like to use the chance to adapt things instead of offering the same new edition again.

Surprising Server Populations for SoM Classic WoW! (2021 Season of Mastery)
When Brian would write back a bit of WoW Classic, then a) the number of servers available from the launch and b) the Technical Blackguard of WOW Classic. One would just have to use much more the modern code of WOW to make adjustments based on adaptations instead of trying to put the Vanilla Build on the whole on the modern scaffolding. With Patch 1.14.0, this update has finally been performed to bring all Classic versions (Classic era, TBC Classic and Season of the Championship). Funny, this patch was seen as an indication that Classic Fresh will come.
Through some changes for the season of the championship, Blizzard also wants to appeal to players, which WOW (now buy €14.99) Classic was too slow, for example, as far as the level phase is concerned, or to which the RAID challenges were easy
In fact, the numbers have so far show that many players who just play season of the championship had already stopped with Wow for some time before or who are now starting with WOW for the first time. On the other hand, there are rather fewer players who played until recently TBC Classic and now only play season of the championship. So far, the two variants seem to be able to can not be able to cancel. And that will also be the goal for all upcoming Classic content: to expand the offer of WOW versions and thus always address new people or retrieve old WoW bunnies.
It can of course be that one of these offers will not attract any lots of players. The static Classic era servers are exactly such a case. Therefore, there are also free server transfer options for everyone who has the chance to find a realm on which there are enough players.

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How far is Blizzard ready to go?

For the championship season, there were almost mythic-plus-affix effects such as volcanic, for the harder RAID version of the molten core.
You have also thought about the customizations of gold drops. Finally, however, there were the adjustments for riding costs and raw materials.
The Classic Devs have the permission and possibility to totally crazy things with the season of the championship when they feel that that must be. The question is only if that is always within the meaning of a Classic experience and supported the targeted goals. For example, the focus was on creating the RAID challenges more difficult and offering an optional hardcore variant. A retreaded class meta would not have fitted well here. Who believes that such a balance-druid for the melted core is not good enough, which should simply not play a moon kin or fall with the druids to other areas (notes. The Red.: Probably Brian said TBC Classic or Retail WOW).
However, it is quite possible that at a later date, exactly such things could come to the table, and that you’re then closing yourself with the big WOW team to make these changes.

from spells, war against bots and GDP

With the season of the championship, Blizzard once again made some design changes to make the bot’s and boosters harder — especially in popular dungeons such as Maraud on or the BlackRock depths.
It’s always about the cost-benefit factor: How much gold can a bot make? How do the penalties fall? Is it worth it to create and raise a bot? The goal is that the answer to the last question is no.
Often it happens that players think they report bots and never banned them over weeks and months. In fact, however, it is often so that exactly these bots are banned in a timely manner and that a new bot is re-pulled up in record time with the same name. So there is a constant fight, thousands of bots are banned daily from Blizzard.
The Classic team is not only frustrated by bots, cheaters and boosters, but also from a player’s point of view. They themselves play a lot of WoW classics and fight with the effects of bots and boosters as well as normal players. At the same time, Brian, unlike many normal players, knows how passionate the responsible colleagues live their fight against bots and how much they love to track them and put them the craft. Without the work of this team, Zeroth would be relied flooded by Bots.
According to the usable agreement, it is forbidden to buy or sell gold. Blizzard has focused on the seller for a long time. However, there are currently discussions whether a 3-day spell is actually sufficient for the purchase of gold. Already one is agreed that the penalty must be increased. How high the new penalty will fail in the future is still unclear.
When it comes to GDP runs, Brian is torn. His guild from WoW Classic regularly organized GDP Runs, and the developer had fun in these runs. At the same time, some GDP runs go so large gold sums over the table that of course you automatically think of gold purchase. Many of the players, however, claim that they made so much gold by previous GDP runs, which is of course allowed.

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