Wow The famous panda DoubleAgent gets own Hearthstone

One of the most famous WOW players gets his own Hearthstone card. The legendary DoubleAgent will soon drive his misrepresentation.

Hearthstone is an on the internet accumulating card video game of the US game designer Snowstorm Amusement. The video game appeared in March 2014 for Windows and macOS, on 16 April 2014 for the iPad, on 15 December 2014 for Android tablets as well as on April 14, 2015, for the Apple iPhone and also Android smart devices. It is a free-to-play video game sustained by mini settlements. After brand-new extensions and journeys initially showed up at the same time, Hearthstone has actually been obtaining a wonderful extension routinely in the 4-month rhythm since the year 2017, which has actually increased the game around 135 brand-new cards. Because conspiracy of the shadows (2019), six weeks after each expansion additionally appears an adventure that informs the background history of the particular augmentation. However, the Journey Heritage of the Dragons — Gala cry Awakening (January 2020) likewise brought how the adventures in the very early years, 35 brand-new cards right into the video game.

One of the most famous players world of Warcraft gets his own Hearthstone card. The legendary DoubleAgent will soon drive his misrepresentation.

Hearthstone is often a slightly more relaxed variant of the Warcraft Universe, filled with many small allusions and jokes that have existed for many years in World of Warcraft. With the latest enlargement split in the antenatal this tradition continues. Because one of the most famous Panda players from World of Warcraft is now getting his own card: DoubleAgent.

Who is DoubleAgent? Most players are likely to be the Pandas DoubleAgent already a term, because we have repeatedly reported him about him in recent years. DoubleAgent was the first panda, who has set itself in the head to reach the maximum level — without joining the Horde or the Alliance. This goes by never leaving the start island as Andean.

After all quests are completed, you can still earn a few XP about daily PET battle quests. Then only the picking of herbs and reduction of ores grants a very small contribution of XP every time. An undertaking that many, many weeks of playing time needed.

Over the years, DoubleAgent has found numerous imitators who also visited him on the Star tinsel of the Pandas and spent it on him. So there are now neutral Pandas, which could participate in the theory of WOW in the theory at the endgame of WoW, which could be part of the endgame.

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What is that for a card in Hearthstone? In the latest Hearthstone extension split in the antenatal DoubleAgent is now receiving a tribute, because one of the new rogue cards is a more than clear allusion to him. She carries the name Double Agent (double agent) and shows a panda, which just tears out the Coat of arms of the Horde — because it is a coat of arms of the Alliance. His flavor text then explains again: And under the coat of arms of the Alliance? Another coat of arms of the Horde.

Asmongold Reacts to

In the game, he is a 3/3 servant for 3 manas, which calls for another copy as a fight cry, unless the player has at least one card on another class.

DoubleAgent was previously immortalized in World of Warcraft. In the Ordenshalle of the monks you can occasionally see his character in the background in the background as he just degraded.

What do you think about this honor? Hard-earned and a cool detail? Or did not that lose anything in the game?

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