The Netflix The Witcher series presents a new monster while Blood Origin ends its filming

Images have also been filtered that remind us of The Witcher 3, the CD Projekt Network title. Rest only three weeks for the premiere of the second season of The Witcher series, which will bring us…

The Witcher is a television series of American Middle Ages dream, produced by Lauren Schmidt Hiss rich as well as distributed because December 20, 2019, on the Netflix platform. This is the adaptation of Polish literary saga the Witcher, created by Andrew Minkowski. He features Henry Cavils, Anya Cholera and Freya Allan. The initial season is based on The Last Wish and also Sword of Destiny, a collection of short stories that come before Witcher’s major saga. The very first season explores the formative occasions that have shaped the 3 major personalities, prior to their very first meetings with each various other. A second season, whose release is arranged for December 17, 2021, was announced on July 9, 2021.

They subtract only three weeks for the premiere of the second season of The Witcher series, which will bring us this next month the return of Gerald de Rivia, Cirri and Jennifer to Netflix. We have already seen how it looks in the official trailer of the new episodes, but from official networks they are activating the promotional machine, which allows us to know some more details.

Without going any further, the series’s own account has shared a video of less than twenty seconds in which we are presented by a new monster, the myriapod, or myriapod in need of knowing what is the official translation. You may remind us of some confrontations that we had in the last expansion of the CD Project game, Blood and Wine, but the truth is that it seems to point closer to the description of the Stories of Andrew Sapkowki (author of the books), where the sorcerer A similar creature has to be measured at a specific moment.

The Witcher: Blood Origin Set Tour | The Witcher

The scene coincides with the promises of those responsible for the series, which ensured a while ago that in the second season will include more combats because they are a very repeated request by the fans of the first. Nor does it seem to forget the games, since a filtered image undoubtedly reminds us how Gerald and Cirri train in Keyed Moorhen, the Fortress of the Work School. You can see it below:

In addition to the main series, it is worth remembering that a miniseries is being produced, Blood Origin, which takes place 1,200 years before, when the worlds of monsters, men and elves merge into one and emerge the first sorcerer. Filming has finished, as confirmed by the Showrunner Declan de Barra, which leaves the door open to new seasons.

The second season of the Netflix The Witcher series premieres the next December 17 on the platform, although if you want to see it in advance, in 3DGames we offer you an opportunity. Participate in our contest and get the possibility of earning a double entry for the preview of the new episodes, which will be held on December 9 in Madrid.

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