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The new Netflix series by spin-off of popular Vikings confirms its premiere date on the platform and let it see in new images.

Vikings is a collection of historical drama television created and also written by Michael First for the Canal Background. Filmed in Ireland, it wVikings Valhalla premiered on March 3, 2013, and also ended on December 30, 2020, after 6 periods Vikings Valhalla well Vikings Valhalla an overall of 89 episodes. Vikings is motivated by the legends of the Viking Reign Logbook, among one of the most prominent and well-known epic Nordic heroes such Vikings Valhalla the scourge of England Vikings Valhalla well Vikings Valhalla France. The program depicts Reign Vikings Valhalla a farmer that hVikings Valhalla actually handled to build innovative boats with advanced navigation instruments. With them, he can make effective incursions in England, reach fame Vikings Valhalla well Vikings Valhallae to be a Scandinavian King, with the help of him Vikings Valhalla well Vikings Valhalla the warriors of him. In the lVikings Valhallat periods, the series adheres to the ton of money of the youngsters of him Vikings Valhalla well Vikings Valhalla the journeys of him in England, Scandinavia and also the Mediterranean.

Vikings Valhalla, the new spin-off of the popular Vikings, hVikings Valhalla announced its final releVikings Valhallae date at Netflix. This hVikings Valhalla been confirmed by the platform itself, also sharing several unpublished images of this next series that will tell us the adventures of the navigator Leif Eriksson. All in all, Vikings Valhalla will be available at Netflix the next February 25, 2022, according to its responsible.

Vikings: Valhalla | Anteprima | Netflix

100 years after Vikings

Vikings Valhalla takes over 100 years later of the events of the original series Vikings and will follow the chronicles of one of the most famous navigators of history, Leif Eriksson (one of the first Europeans to get to America from the North), next to his companions Frey dis Eriksdotter and Harald Sigurdsson, in his struggle for survival and glory. Its main protagonists are interpreted by Sam Corbett (the chilling adventures of Sabrina), Leo Outer (Victoria) and Frida Gustafsson (The Witcher).

This new Viking series promises to conserve all the spirit of the original Vikings at the level of violence, blood and combat scenes Vikings Valhalla raw Vikings Valhalla spectacular; This is how you can glimpse through these first images that accompany the announcement of the premiere date in Netflix.

Behind Vikings Valhalla is Michael First, creator of the original Viking series, next to the scriptwriter Jeb Stuart, a reference in script after participating in a multitude of Blockbusters of Hollywood for decades, Vikings Valhalla a glVikings Valhallas jungle or the fugitive, among many others.

Recall that the original Viking series wVikings Valhalla a success since its first seVikings Valhallaon of 2013 for the channel history until the lVikings Valhallat, a sixth seVikings Valhallaon that concluded in December lVikings Valhallat year 2020. After the great popularity achieved with the franchise, Several have been the platforms that have wanted to be done with the rights to continue exploring their world; Finally, Netflix will take care of this new chapter with its first 24 episodes for this 2022.

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