Sprint of men Samuelsson dominant

The German biathlets have missed the top 10 at the World Cup Sprint over 10 km in Austria. Sebastian Samuelsson dominated the competition with a fulminant runtime.

The Biathlon World Cup is a series of worldwide competitors during winter in the biathlon and also the highest competitors course of the biathlon. The IBM Mug is also played globally and is the second-greatest competitors’ collection for biathlete after the World Cup. The races are organized by the Biathlon World Organization IBM. The very first authorities World Cups happened for men in 1978 and for women in 1987. In addition to the whole World Cup scan considering that 1989, there are different ratings for the self-controls run in the World Cup.

Biathlon Oestersund Sprint Men Season 2021/2022 in Full Length 11/28/2021
At the Second World Cup sprint in Swedish Öresund, Johannes Kuhn ran on Thursday as the best DSV ski hunter ranked twelve. The 30-year-old had to turn a penalty and was 54.8 seconds behind the sovereign Sebastian Samuelson after ten kilometers. The Swede burdened with a mistake had after his second sprinter success of the new winter 18 seconds ahead of the French Emilie Jacqueline (1 error). Third was Jacqueline teammate Quentin Dillon Millet (1 error / + + 21.5 seconds).

Doll is wondering: Crazy, what’s going on ahead

Crazy, what’s going on ahead, my current mileage is not enough to run in the top six, said Benedict doll. The ex-world champion came to the finish with a shooting mistake and 56.7 seconds in place. Roman Sees remained as the only German error-free and became 18. (+ 1: 05.1 minutes).

Philipp Horn (1 mistake / + + 1: 23.5 minutes) came as 30th to the finish. Philipp Na wrath (3), Sprint Sixth at the beginning of the past weekend, after three standing errors with 1: 36.0 minutes behind this time only 38., Erik Lesser (3) managed as 48. Still the qualification for the persecution on Sunday.

All results and the race for reading in the ticker…

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