Rhine Neckar L wen extend with goalkeeper Katsigiannis

Because Torwarttalent David Späth fails because of a cruciate ligament tear for a long time, the Rhine-Neckar Löwen extended the contract with Routinian Nikolas Katsigiannis.

Löwen verabschieden Schwalb, Tollbring, Nielsen, Lagarde und Katsigiannis

The lions expanded the end 2021 expiring contract with goalkeeper routine Nikolas Katsigiannis (39) to the end of the season and thus respond to the serious injury of Cover Man David Path (19), which falls long with a cruciate ligament. In addition, the return of Mikael Appeared (Knee / Shoulder) is currently not foreseeable. On cat is ranking. This is true in the game when we need him as well as in training. What is just as important to us: cat shows character, even in difficult moments to the public and represents the values of the club on his own sympathetic And honest way, said Lion Managing Director Jennifer Kettering. Kirkelökke stays, Abiotic goes In addition, the lions extended the expiring contract with the Danish international Nicolas Kirkelökke by two seasons. No longer belonging to the squad will be from the coming season Ilia Atomic.

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