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I saw Celebrity Hunted of Amazon, two episodes long. Fascinating and simultaneously repulsive stupid. But also funny. Help! Susannes opinion

I sat at the weekend lazy on the couch after at least half the time I have krummgewurschtelt back in the kitchen me to bake biscuits. In my usual retiree program I had on television without, those who know what it means to know me.

Why did I give up? Because the HDMI cable has… between TV and NEN crack, and I was just lazy sack. Too lazy to replace the cable. So check out this streaming services offer that. My television operation provides conveniently by pressing a button of the corresponding button beaten direct travel to Amazon Prime and Netflix. I wanted to turn to Netflix (I did later, to The Power of the Dog to look ), but ended up with Amazon Prime. And since it jumped me already meet…

Celebrity Hunted — Each track can betray you

Imagine reading the title show please before a super deep male voice that also gives a venerable weight of this designation. Amazon has found 2021 German ten additional or reduced-listers following task in summer: Diving from Hamburg for ten days in the country under, and do not get caught by the investigation team you. You have 50 euros a day, the need to pick up her from an ATM per person. You’ve got to move every 24 hours (would be pointless otherwise). Furthermore, you must not use your own cell phones — but all the resources of your friends, acquaintances, relatives, pets, etc. pp.

The investigation team is again led by Erich Had, who was once national security adviser to Angela Merkel. Under him working people scanning the Internet, people who believe, not being able to recognize the non-exchanged clothes a man on the pace and… and, of course, data analysts, criminologists and other experts. Because in the search for the ten Celebs powers of the state are simulated, including license plate recognition, mobile surveillance, access to cameras in public. Almost a replica of what also must our state when he wrote for raster hunting.

Do not worry, with the explanation I’ll be right by; I tell you, if that works or not The celebrities are either solo -. Dr. Wladimir Kitsch and Stefanie Gaining — on the road, or in pairs. The pairs that are Axel Stein and Tom Beck, Vanessa May and her husband Andreas Ferber, Kids Hour Ramadan and Summer CEM and Diana Bill and Melisa Kodak. On the eighth day of their flight have not yet eingecashten in hiding received an indication of where they should be on day 10 to win. The whole of Germany is the playing field. And so far, there are two episodes, Fridays always appear two. Understood? Then ran!

Amazon Prime Video - Celebrity Hunted
Oh man, the drama

At first, I must admit I was quenched super awesome, since the presentation of the investigation headquarters seemed so… well, that is to act all super professional from reason. But once the investigators rant about whether the video of a social media Dudes, who is friends with the Influencerinnen Diana and Melisa is real or not, the whole thing looks but unintentionally funny.

And an interested person who lives in Germany, I’d now like the conditions under which the state can access the video footage of Deutsche Bahn. That, however, is to me the despise the personal section rolling, not explained. So it stays with: If I want to go underground again, then I should not post pictures on social media. Check. In general, keep the investigators but rather in the background. The deadly serious briefings are as exciting as the weather forecast from 10/18/1967 roughly. This makes the celebrities course twice as interesting!

Melisa who?

Axel Stein and Tom Beck, with the names I can what to do: musician, actor, comedian. Melissa May, singer. Gaining is probably Model. Summer CEM a rapper. Ramadan tells me something. Diana Bill and Melisa Kodak as mentioned Influencerinnen. Names like smoke and mirrors, who are they? (Not my generation, I know!) Dr. Kitsch, however, definitely. But times sponge over celebrities and non-celebrities, interesting is the whole thing, because the Celebs put in planning their summarizing very different approaches to the day.

CEM and Ramadan can be fat to fly on a private jet through the area about; Melisa and Diana disguised as a bride and maid, and be chauffeured hours in the inconspicuous XXL Hummer limo through the area. And yes, I was amazed that so seriously reared consignment has not declared beforehand that the celebrities are not left alone to themselves, but were able to organize every possible aid in advance. Since the daily Geldabhebe limit is put into perspective the same times.

The smart Staff and creche Vladimir

Stefanie Kissinger, on the other hand, who planned in the faster clothes through the faster lofts of their chic friends, as Kitsch somehow understood that the game is already a hunt. It can be fully transferred to a stroller deflection maneuver (utopia for the normal!) And goes in the train. It is recognized by the video footage from the train, but seemingly only 35,000 years later — she is not chopped and instead drives on mindfulness in the bicycle rickshaw through Berlin.

The other extreme is Dr. Wladimir Kitsch, with the helicopter first to Bremen Diet, there leads a distracting phone call, only to flutter right back to Hamburg. In particular, Kitsch seems to have written on the flags to use all the means of transport of this world for his escape, such as a somewhat cerebral formation a diving scooter (utopia for the normal!), Although far and wide no investigators are visible. You want to be nothing else.

The cut makes it

These small and large adventures of the Celebrities are already Superfund and amusing, and only because of that I will look into the coming consequences. I think the experiment itself is absolutely weak, but good. Should also entertain. Especially absurd I found it, but as Beck and Stein decide to break up her tent in the stadium of the 1st FC Cologne (Utopia for the normal!). Then they stand there with three camera novices (every refugee is totally inconspicuously accompanied by cameraman) on ​​the green, as a search for the corner. Are the investigator? Eh? Eh?

And then race the refugees. The cliff slope at the spot: Tom Beck is driven into the tight trap in the stadium from a search in front of a rolling grid into the tight trap. But then the investigator makes a ground role for completely optimal reasons. Was that too much? Was the scripted, though the program should not be screened? Will Beck take the chance and jump at the feet of the investigator, to escape? I’ll know it Friday!

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