God of War is beautiful on PC and unveils configurations

Discussed not to have had information about Portage PC D & 039; Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection yesterday? Everything in his time: January 14, 2022, it’s GOD OF WAR who will taze away a path to ax in these mach

Uncharted 2: The Kingdom of Thieves, originally entitled Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, is a video game-adventure video clip game for PlayStation 3 and also PlayStation 4 created by Naughty Dog as well as published by Sony Computer Amusement. It is the sequel to the video game From 2007, from the same legend, uncharted: the treasure of Drake and the intended extension of it is Uncharted 3: The dishonesty of Drake. Officially provided in among the Game Report versions, the video game took place sale on October 13, 2009, in North America. The departure date for Europe was October 16, 2009.

Discussed not to have had information about Uncharted PC Portage: Legacy of Thieves Collection yesterday? Everything in its time: January 14, 2022, it is GOD OF WAR who will first tailor a path with ax in these machines after having elapsed far from 20 million copies on PS4.

PlayStation and Nvidia therefore give your hand to highlight the game and how it will take part of the manufacturer’s DSS and REFLEX features for optimal technical performance and a latency as low as possible. By PC, the 2018 game also offers up-resolution shadows, improved reflections and more details, all 4K HDR compatible with an unlocked image frequency and support for ultra-wide screens. GOD OF WAR On PC also supports the keyboard and the mouse, but the game will be fully compatible with all kinds of joystick, including Dual shock 4 and Dual sense.

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God of War | Трейлер о возможностях на ПК | PC

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On the same subject, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition on PC has just inherited a hotfix that adds to the support of the NVIDIA DSS. This technology offers up to 50% increase in performance, ensures NVIDIA.


GOD OF WAR — Trailer of PC Features

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