Mino Raiola over really thick dispute with the BVB bosses

Star Consultant Mino Raiola has revealed disputes and subsequent reconciliations with the bosses of Borussia Dortmund Hans-Joachim Watzke and Michael Zorc.

Star Consultant Minor Rail has revealed disputes and subsequent reconciliations with the bosses of Borussia Dortmund Hans-Joachim Wake and Michael Zorn.

Minor Rail’s career beginnings in Haarlem: Door, Table, Transfer Market

With Wake, Rail once had dispute, really thick dispute, as he reported at Sport1 without going closer to circumstances: But still we respect. Why shouldn’t we want to argue? I would also refer to Wake as a big friend. And I do not say that often. If we negotiate and argue, nothing has to do with the personal. I appreciate him very much. He does the best for his club and I for my players.

Meanwhile, with Zorn, there would have been a violent dispute about Henrik Mkhitaryan. Mkhitaryan played from 2013 to 2016 for Dortmund before he moved to Manchester United. Today, the 32-year-old Armenians plays at AS Roma. I can become very loud when it goes against my guys. I had a very bad relationship with Zorn, really badly. He really has to hate me. I never thought that from hate becomes friendship. He has my maximum respect, He defends his club to the blood. The negotiations with him were persistent.

According to the consultant, it was Zorn’s merit that Rails Client Erlang Haaland is currently playing at Dortmund. To explain the change from Salzburg to Dortmund in January 2020, Rail operated at a car analogy: If you have the choice between a Mercedes S63 AMG or an Audi RS6, that’s difficult, or? Both are good cars. The decision was assured then. And Zorn has clearly demonstrated the advantages of his S63 AMG against the RS6. He has sold the club in a manner so that Erlang said: ‘I see myself here.’

Mino Raiola - Balotelli will stay and fight for his place
Minor Rail about the future of Erlang Haaland

Dortmund at that time had the eggs to get someone like Erlang, who is still quite unknown, but still costs a lot of money. In the foreseeable future, Haaland will probably make the next career step. We have clear ideas where it should go for Erlang, Rail said. According to information from Spot and Goal Haaland tends to change to Real Madrid. We can influence the market with a player like Era. Not the market affects us. We know that.

Meanwhile, Rail praised the development of German football: In the past, German football was only: racing and fighting. Now is played and conjured. Look at players like Florian With or Jamal Musial, that’s great. Germany also has many great trainers like Ralf Rang nick, Jürgen Klopp or Thomas Tuchel produced. This is due to German mentality. The technical directors have become better.

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Rail likes his own information The German Art. She comes closest to myself. I am very German. I am very neat and disciplined. The German manner is me. Asked with which German Responsibilities he prefers to do business, Rail replied: With Max Ebert I like to negotiate. He is a great manager. But Bayern Munich is of course well positioned.

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