The first female work of the first female

Science and Technology Information Tong Bride was born in the first room for the first room. As a 10-day, the Ministry of Ownership is a 10-year-old Artificial Intelligence Agency,

The first siljanggeup women senior officials in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology was born. Science and Technology Ministry has put the promotion siljanggeup greet songgyeonghui artificial intelligence-based jeongchaekgwan 10 date was chosen as the fourth round of industrial revolution Board Support Director.

Songgyeonghui support GM also has the title of the Ministry of Information Science and Technology Division’s first female director. She had affiliated institutions are women senior officials in the case than the general headquarters Creation of Future Science, she was appointed as the International Science and Technology Ministry of Industrial Policy hyeopryeokgwan in the Presidential Secretariat Executive Secretary room, she became the first female director of the headquarters.

She is Administrative Notice circuit 39 songgyeonghui refurbished introduction to her office was even start in 1997 the first female Secretary of Information and Communication.

In other places the participation of women, but also believed that the higher side compared to the ICT environment, the central government that oversees policy on GM is a count songgyeonghui Nadine the first step each time.

LIM, He — Took was the Minister of Science and Technology Ministry to raise the name of the first woman, the first female minister siljanggeup senior officials birth viscosity is part of an eye-catching in and out of departments. She once she received the ministries but pointed out that there were women in the National Assembly parliamentary audit director, she has made because anti headquarters to promote my best position is siljanggeup.

Songgyeonghui refurbished and I think it is pastime to get out to give meaning to the title of women, asked a small meeting and said, I’ve tried not think maven at a disadvantage, while the public life between ’26 did not even have to see the benefits he theta luck.

She followed, she said, It seems he also helps with a lot of people that will think about the role given in the fourth round of industrial revolution. She agrees with the fact that should give plenty of opportunities for women, said she said.

Yet she left also advised for women younger officials.

Song refurbished rewarding and fun to work would have realistically marriage and childbirth, child care difficulties, and also in FIG childhood unprecedented parenting raising the two children leave the body was when the road hard and the hard hearts and even if there is trouble himself in charge If you can continue with the development without interruption, he said.

Role of Women in Ministry / Expectations of the First Lady
She songgyeonghui leader was in charge of dispatching services in support GM Presidential 4th Industrial Revolution came a policy committee for the core of the fourth round of industrial revolution, such as software, artificial intelligence played a whole. She is in her place is planned to 4 chai more meaning to one that has until now.

Song leader is that there is not even castration of the 4th Industrial Revolution affect the extensively range and many things dwaetneunde look at over a period of several ministries to cross been made into a section and into tissues to synthesize and cooperation of these things are necessary I think so, and I will finish with pirogi days and who have until now, he said.

The song went through such a leader is the Ministry of Information and Communication starts with the Korea Communications Commission Radio Broadcasting Management Director, Internet Policy Division, Future Part Convergence Technology Director General, International Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Information Science and Technology, International hyeopryeokgwan jeongchaekgwan software, artificial intelligence-based jeongchaekgwan.

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