The creators of Life Is Strange announce Gerda A Flame in Winter a new narrative adventure

Dontnod makes its debut as editor publishing this title developed by Portaplay. Two generations ago, Life Is Strange managed to captivate the players with a proposal that became popular with the…

Life is Strange: Real Color styles is an anecdotal visual experience computer game developed by Deck Nine as well as released by Square Enix. Although it was verified that it would follow the characteristic anecdotal style of the franchise business, Life is Strange: True Colors was released in its whole on September 10, 2021.

Two generations ago, Life Is Strange managed to captivate players with a proposal that became popular with the passage of time. Since then, donned has grown a lot, thanks in a large part of Tencent’s investment in its capital, and that has allowed them to start exercising as an editor, publishing their own games and those of other studies.

This is the case of German: A Flame in Winter, the first external title published by the French company and developed by Portable. It was announced during the Indie World that Nintendo has shared this week, teaching us a trailer from which it is defined as an intimate narrative adventure with RPG touches.

It happens during the Second World War, in the middle of the German invasion of Denmark. Furthermore, it is inspired by real facts and will put us on the skin of German, a nurse whose life is complicated overnight. She armed only with her ingenuity and the knowledge of her community, she should try to save her loved ones as she stays faithful to herself.

We will have to manage resources and relationships Decisions are taking through a combination of exploration, dialogue and management resources and relationships. German’s personality traits are her skills, and her connection with others will determine how the moving story is being developed that she poses to us.

Plus One: w/Mallory Littleton  - Senior Narrative Designer at Deck Nine Games

German: Flame in Winter will arrive at PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch at 2022, still a specific date marked on the calendar. Donned thus ensures a publication that reaffirms its desire to preserve its independence, in addition to continuing on a good way with its best-known franchise, which will have the Life Is Strange Remastered Collection within only a couple of months.

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