Bravely Default II celebrates its million copies distributed

Ten months after the worldwide release of Bravely Default II on Switch and more than three months after arriving on PC, Japanese RPG passes Cap of Million Copies Distributed Worldwide, Announcement Square Enix.This Figure Strengthens a little more The Pos

Ten months after the world release of Bravely Default II on Switch and more than three months after arriving at PC, the Japanese RPG passes the Cap of Million Copies distributed worldwide, Announces Square Enix.

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This figure reinforces a little more the position of producer’s franchise Tommy Asana, who had passed the course of 3 million distributed units in the world between its debut in 2012 and last July. Without including Free-To-Play, the Saga accounts for recall three main games: Bravely Default (2012) Bravely Second (2015) and Bravely Default II (2021). The latter reached a million copies much faster than its predecessors, but it is also the only one to have the right to a global output as well as a PC version. Note that the game will be promoted tomorrow in Japan (to check for the rest of the world).

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In comments relayed in early September by Fujitsu magazine, producer Tonya Asana was already showing up to make a new episode. Bravely Default II has been well-received by the fans, and therefore we hope to continue the series because we think about having the abilities. That said, we are still in the planning phase and I suspect that the development will take another 3 or 4 years, We hope that fans will be patient, he said.

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