After operations: Bernal again with consciousness

The patient has survived the removal of ventilation aid without complications, said in the fifth communication of the University Hospital La Sabina near Bogotá on Wednesday. He could move his arms and legs.

Began Vernal has already woken up, wrote the Colombian newspaper El Tempo. In his South American home country, not only great worries that the Rad star can continue his career, but that he is even healthy. Even Colombia’s president Iván Duque wishes a speedy recovery. Since Vernal 2019 the first South American won the tour, he is a national hero.

The 25-year-old Vernal was consistent media reports on the time bike on Monday on a standing bus. His team Ineos-Grenadiers, initially, confirmed only the accident and that Vernal in the hospital was responsive and stable.


As it turned out later, he had suffered a thigh fragment, an open break of the kneecap and injuries at the thoracic acid. Vernal has been operated several times and should remain at least three days in the intensive care unit.


Why the BVB Pherai is not promoted to the professional team

That the second team of Borussia Dortmund in the 3rd league as a newcomer is so good, is also due to the strong achievements of Immanuel Pherae. In his role as a pivot and pivot of the offensive play, the creative head, which once also considered a candidate for the professionals, is totally. Before the away game at the 1st FC Saarbrücken on Wednesday (from 19 o’clock in the live ticker), the votes in the BVB environment are more in the BVB environment, which demand a new probation chance for the Dutchman in the Bundesliga team.

In addition, not too long, Immanuel Pherae was still considered a great future promise in Dortmund. If you saw the technically savvy playmaker in the Junior Teams of BVB, the mind immediately that no less than Star-Consultant Minor Rail had struggled to manage the Youngster.

Last year, however, the Netherlands, born in Amsterdam, was quietly. A lending into the home to PEC Zwolle went through, then the new professional coach Marco Rose did not find a use for Pherae, which was put into the second representation that has just increased.

But instead of pouting, the noble technician has assumed the new situation exemplary. A look into the statistics reveals how important Pherae is for the crew of Coach Enrico Maiden: five hits and seven templates in 21 inserts are team-internal peak, only BERK AN TAX also comes to twelve gate participation.

BVB: Cherie genius stroke in Mannheim is viral

His previous season highlight Pherae recently experienced at the 3-1 away win in Mannheim when he brought the black and yellow at the stand of 1: 1 with a world-class lifter from almost 45 meters on the winning road.

The boy is crazy, he is known for something like that. This is madness, Keeper Stefan Drama swarmed to the genius stroke of his teammate.

Pherae himself described the remarkable scene amazingly sober: I have seen that the goalkeeper stood in front of his gate. I have nothing to lose and just tried it, of course it takes fortune.

In the net, videos from the dream gate of the 20-year-old quickly made the round, not a few fans in it saw the ultimate document for ferals suitability for higher tasks. To this conviction, the Russia bosses do not seem to have come.

Borussia Dortmund made Hera fidget in summer

Because: Cherie working paper in Dortmund is only valid until June 30th. And a few months ago, everything pointed to a separation in the summer.

According to the club’s Ruhr news one was not fully convinced by the skills of the crude diamond, accordingly, his chances were judged to jump to the professionals as rather low.

Too disappointing is the lending to the Dutch first division center PEC Swollen. 28 inserts, two hits and three templates were looking for Pherae there.

Pherae (M.) played in the 2020/2021 season in the Redivide

Back at Russia, the Rail protégé was initially unclear for some time. For a long time I did not realize how it would go on the BVB concretely for me. I actually assumed that I would meet again with the professionals. But I should then report on the training start at the U23, Pherae revealed in mid-November Interview with Spot and Goal.

A month later, licensing player Sebastian Keel asked him to talk. He meant that the year in Zwolle was good for me, and now they will be watching my development in the U23, called Hera, who was looking for his perspective: In the winter break, we’ll put together again and discuss my Future.

BVB strives for extension – Lock calls from the Bundesliga

Since then, Cherie shares have risen resistant. And so much so that the BVB officers are now aiming for an extension with the offensive man, according to Kicker.

According to Ingo Press, TEM Manager of the U23, is the right foot current in the best phase of his career. A winter outlet should therefore be prevented.

Problem: A promotion in the Bundesliga squad continues to suggest why other clubs already scrolls with the hooves. In the fall, Pherae confirmed concrete interest of clubs from Germany 1st and 2nd league.

The Orange talent should be aware that his appendages on his favorite position behind the peaks in the first team short to medium term are low. Captain Marco Reus, Julian Brandt and the Go Reyna worked on his comeback are Harari here far from Pherae.

Pherae has dream of the BVB professionals not yet abandoned

If the Middle Fieldsman nevertheless decide to extend the dethroned cup winner, patience should be asked. The pros (yet) is not a seat, the second team needs Pherae urgently. Means: For the first, the dribble artist must refrain from duels with Bavaria, Leipzig and Frankfurt and instead with Happen, Averse and Virus. His long-term goal remains insist. He had the dream by a Bundesliga debut in black and yellow not yet abandoned, Pherae said in November: For this I came here four years ago. I also think that I can achieve the necessary level. The recent impressions from the 3rd league confirm ferals thesis. Halo Lakes


“Ding Light 2 Stay Human” Voice actor, Takeda Takeda released 18 minutes audio drama to talk about the “tragedy” that happened in the city of the game!

Tech land has published the latest story TAKES HI of Stay Human Audio Story, which draws the world view of Parkour Zombie closing Ding Light 2 Stay Human .

In the fourth series, the lawyer’s Takes hi played by Mr. Takeda Aurora, who plays the voice actor, the tragedy and subsequent stories that happened to his family, and the content of subsequent story is about 18 minutes. You can enjoy stories that store stories in areas that are not spoken in the main part, such as the presence of viruses in Tokyo. The Stay Human Audio Story series has published three Antigone, Derrick and Rosemary.

This work has been announced to continue content support for a minimum of 5 years after release, and releases the load map after release. We promise to regularly add and hold new stories, locations, and in-game events.

Ding Light 2 Stay Human is scheduled to be released on February 4, 2022 (PC version February 5) for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One /. Cloud version for Nintendo Switches will be released during 2022.


3. League: Waldhof Mannheim misses jump in ascent zone again

Waldo Mannheim once again missed the chance to jump into the ascent zone in the 3rd league. The ex-Bundesliga club concluded his third-party attraction of the 23rd match day against the descent candidate Viktoria Cologne with two Corona cancellations with 0: 1 (0: 0) and could fall behind the top group.

For the time being in quick distance to the ascent ranks, the VFL Osnabrück brought himself. The Lower Saxony won the duel of the second division relegated with the Würzburg Kickers securely 2: 0 (1: 0) and moved behind Mannheim to three counters at Countersteer Contract Braunschweig on the relegation rank.


Würzburg, however, missed the connection to the saving shore in the table cellar. Further, in the relegation zone, Turkic Munich ranks through the 2: 4 (0: 1) defeat at promoted SC Freiburg II after the meantime 2: 1 leadership. The Freiburg goals for 3: 2 and 4: 2 fell only in the 90th minute and the third minute of inept time.

Because of Corona, on Tuesday afternoon, the encounter of Halleschen FC with Nestling Viktoria Berlin had been canceled a few hours before the scheduled kick-off. According to a Corona eruption, the Berliners were only less available than the necessary 16 players.

The game, which was also scheduled for Tuesday between 1860 Munich and promotional candidates 1. FC Kaiserslautern had been canceled for a Corona quarantine with the Lions last weekend.

On the other hand, the duel scheduled for Wednesday and SV When Wiesbaden should take place despite four corona cases in the hosts. In the other encounters, the sovereign leaders 1. FC Magdeburg in the race must compete for the second league ascent at the relegation candidate MSV Duisburg, while Brunswick can already displace two of the FSV Zwickau Kaiserslautern.

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Also, the 1st FC Saarbrücken has the chance to pass through a winner against promoted Borussia Dortmund II on the Palatine. The SV Happen would equal with the FCK by success at the SC VERY.


Ski Alpin: Slalom of the gentlemen in Schladming today in the live ticker

At the ski alpine, the slalom of the gentlemen takes place in Claiming today. Spot accompanies it in the live ticker.

Subscribe now DAZN and follow the slalom of the gentlemen in Claiming in the Livestream!

The gentlemen in the ski alpine are challenged in Claiming today in the slalom. Here in the live ticker you miss nothing.

The item is updated continuously. Click here for the refresh of the page.

Ski Alpine: Slalom of gentlemen in Claiming today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: In the slalom Lucas Breathe introduces the classification currently before Sebastian FOSS Soledad and Daniel Yule. The total is Marco Matt at the top.

Before starting: From 17.45 o’clock the ski-alpine gentlemen in the Austrian Claiming to the slalom. Here you will not miss anything important to it. The 2nd run starts at 20.45.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the live ticker!


Ski Alpine: Slalom of the gentlemen in Claiming today on TV and Livestream

You can see live at least the 2nd run in Bayerische Rundown (BR) . The 1st passage is previously streamed from 5.40 clock on, in the BR24 app and as a Facebook live at Br24wintersport – this is also the case for the second pass in addition to the free TV transfer.

Both runs live in the freely receivable television you can follow Eurosport. On Eurosport 1 the transmissions start at 5.30 pm or 20.30 clock. You can also be in the Livestream via the paid Eurosport Player or free of charge Via the streaming platform John.

Both passages live also transfers DAZN in his Eurosport channel. Thanks to the cooperation of the two sports providers, the transmitters EUROSPORT 1 and EUROSPORT 2 are available at DAZN for all users.

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Ski Alpine: The stand in the slalom World Cup

Rank Driver Points
1. Lucas Breathe 235
2. Sebastian Foss-Solevåg 180
3. Daniel Yule 162
4. Dave Riding 160
5. Giuliano Ravioli 154

2022 Traha Infiniti, February 9 restricted

[Data provided: MOA Games]

\ – Large Mobile MMORPG February 9

\ – Foreign the use of the user and the infinite growth in the infinite growth.

Moat Games announced today (25th) today (25th) that Mobile MMORPG <Tr aha Infinite, which is being developed by Ma.

The online showcase is a mobile game that discloses the core and details of the game and the great interest of the game, and the great interest in is a mobile game that focuses on the essential growth of the essential system and MMORPG.

Based on 200 years of 200 years of <Tr aha, we can experience the high expectations of the users, which are familiar and fresh and fun, I am attracting.

Users are showing high interest in the Mobile environment to enjoy MMORPG in a mobile environment through various conveniences of . In particular, the ‘Soulmate’ system, which is an asynchronous party system, has been a key element of ‘mobile convenience’, which will relieve the stress for party matching, and it is anticipated that you can enjoy strategic and efficient parties.

In the first half of 2022 in the first half of 2022, <Trachea Infinite, which is expected to be in the first half of 202, is to set up a schedule on February 9, and to prepare for a full-fledged release. Diverse events are available through various events through various events, and Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Galaxy Burn Pro and Shingle Department Store 100,000 won.

Moat Games Lee, Chancel, Tr aha Infinite, who expects many people, said February 9, he said. I would like to launch a game to launch a game that’s satisfied.


The strike of Raven Software workers has come to an end

Last December, Quality Control Workers in Raven Software, Activision Blizzard Study responsible for Call of Duty: War zone , a strike began as a response to the layoffs that were carried out in their moment. After weeks of struggle, last Friday, January 21, 2022, it was announced that this organization has finally formed the first great union of video game workers in the United States. This is so the strike has come to an end.

Through a communiqué published in the official account of A Better ABK on Twitter, it has been announced that Raven Software workers’ strike has come to an end, and employees now only expect the union to be recognized by Activision Blizzard . This was what was commented about:

Waiting for the recognition of our union, the Raven QA strike is over. The unused strike funds will be stored for future organizational / strike efforts.

We will publish or retune any GPU update here. We appreciate all the community support during the strike!

The waiting for recognition by Activision Blizzard may well be positive or negative, but this organization has mentioned that We act in good faith, and we ordered good faith . At the moment there is still no official response from the company, but they are already evaluating this situation.

Recall that at the beginning of this strike, a collection of funds was carried out to support workers during this period, where $375 thousand dollars came together. According to the statement, the remaining money will be saved and, if necessary, it will be used in future strikes . On related topics, you can learn more about the creation of this union here. Similarly, Call of Duty War zone will be exclusive to Xbox?


Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, a good ending for this strike. Considering that the workers were being sustained by a collection of limited funds, they would eventually have to end their struggle, fortunately, the conclusion was in their favor with the creation of the union.


Ten DHB players go on the way home

The positive tested Luca Withe (Leipzig) and Lukas Martens (Magdeburg) traveled on Sunday as well as Christoph Steiner (Erlangen), Till Glimpse (Regular), Fibril M’dengue (Porto) and Sebastian Firer (Erlangen).

Like DHB sports director Axel Kramer after the Sweden game (21:25) announced, four more national players will leave the German EM district in Bratislava on Monday. Two candidates will remain here, where we still have the hope that they may be able to run against Russia, said Kramer.

Even on Friday, national coach Alfred Gílson had expressed hope for a return of some positively tested players. However, the comeback of Hendrik Wagner, who was allowed to leave Corona isolation after two negative PCR tests as the first DHB actor and gave his EM debut on Sunday evening, did not run as desired.

Overall, there were 13 corona cases in the German team so far, including several power carriers such as goalkeepers Andreas Wolff, the back room players Julius Kuhn and Kai Hefner and right outside Time Fastening. We all have presented ourselves something else for this tournament, but of course, in advance, we have prepared us on return journey from infections, Kramer said, We wish all the mild lovers as possible and a quick return on one hundred percent fitness.

Medical release necessary

The return journey has also been accelerated because for the Grow the positively tested players the opportunities for a re-entry into the tournament dwindle. After two negative PCR tests, a medical release would also be necessary. This would be based on a sports medical and cardio logical examination in the Universityikum Vienna – at Wagner there was the release. The rest is known.


God of War: How to get mineral from the Virgin Kingdom

There are a lot of manufacturing and update materials to find in the nine kingdoms, but some are much more difficult to get others because they can only be found in specific locations. If you have trouble understanding How to get mineral from the Virgin Kingdom in God of War , we have all the details you need here.

How to get Virgin Kingdom mineral in God of War

Go to the island of Death and the Iron Creek

This special article can be found by traveling to two places in Midgard: Iron Cove and the island of Death. You can access these areas using the boat on the lake of the nine once the water falls a second time after the world snake rises and moves.

The two locations are side by side, southwest of Try’s temple. Here is your exact location on the map:

To achieve the Virgin Mineral of the Kingdom, you should dock your boat on the beach of the island of Death, where the giant remains are located. Go to the left, then keep going up to reach the top of the island.

He continues to rise until he reached the brazier who was accessed after the first waterfall of the lake. Then, use this zip line to get to Iron Cove:

Solve the puzzle of the Rune Gate of Iron Cove

Now is the time for a small puzzle. You will have to find and rotate three runes mechanisms to match the seals of RUN doors at the back of Iron Cove. They are not hard to find, but you will have to be attentive.

Two of the mechanisms can be seen from the top of the boat that is match in two, and the last one can be seen from the shelf where the Runic Door is. These are your exact locations if you have problems finding them:


Once you find them, simply turn them to match the door, as mentioned above. Now go inside Rune Gate to claim the item you are looking for.

That’s all you need to know about how to get mineral from the Virgin Kingdom in God of War . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful information about the game.

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Voices for FC Bayern, BVB, Gladbach, Wolfsburg and Co.: Kohfeldt sees “steps forward”

On the 20th match day of the Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund and the TSG Cofferdam delivered an intense top game – with the better end for the BVB. Borussia Mönchengladbach, VfB Stuttgart, Wolfsburg and Bertha BSC tailored deeper into the crisis, while FC Bayern imported a convincing victory.

All voices for match day at a glance:

Bertha BSC – Bayern Munich 1: 4

Taycan Corrupt (Trainer Bertha BSC): The necessary luck we had in one or the other situation, with the goals we have not held well. The one moment we could have done the connection gate We missed. We have to have a look that we quickly bring the week behind us and focus on the next games and weeks.

Julian Nagelsmann (coach Bayern Munich): I am very satisfied and happy with the game and also with the result. It was important when Bertha defends deeply that we get little counteractions from being concentrated and keen in the counterpressing, Our players have made extremely a lot of pressure, even in the opposing half.

RB Leipzig – VFL Wolfsburg 2: 0

Domenico Tesco (coach RB Leipzig): I believe that today we had extremely patience. Wolfsburg did that well. The long balls on away Horst are difficult to defend. In the second round it was a little better But yet we can find the players better in the first round. We are glad about the result.

Florian Krefeld (coach VFL Wolfsburg): It is of course an unfortunate defeat after a perfect performance from our side. In particular defensive. We have inspected the possession of the possession in the first 25 minutes and two very big opportunities had. I believe that of course that is disappointing. We have taken steps forward, as far as attitude and content are concerned. I am convinced that we will get the victory against Fürth.

SC Freiburg – VfB Stuttgart 2: 0

Christian Stretch (coach SC Freiburg): The sticking point are the two situations (withdrawn penalty of Stuttgart and leadership hits of Freiburg within a minute, d. Red). At the time we did not always have access. In the second half If we got overweight and worked out chances. For this we kept the CFB very well from our own goal, actually only allowed a header of Kalajdzic.

Pelegrín Matarazzo (coach VfB Stuttgart): We have come in properly, it was a game at eye level. The sticking point for us was the non-given penalty and in return the 0: 1. We have a short time after the backlog Power developed, but unfortunately that is quickly flown again. Then we also collect an unnecessary second goal, then the game is eaten in the 70th minute. Now it’s a week to the training camp, which will do us well. I hope for more positive next Games.

TSG Cofferdam – Borussia Dortmund 2: 3

Sebastian Honey (coach TSG Cofferdam): I have seen early that we fight ourselves today. After 15 minutes it was just in one direction. We went a wave of the other. The second half was Power play from us, But we missed it to make the gate. I can not reproach the team. Only the result does not fit at all.

Marco Rose (Trainer Borussia Dortmund): We got in very well. We had a good ten, 15 minutes. Then Cofferdam has become stronger. We had great problems until the break, the compensation was deserved. In the end We fought home the victory that was flattering for us.

SPVGG Reuther Fürth – FSV Mainz 05 2: 0

Stefan Late (coach SPVGG Reuther Fürth): We started very well, were very good in the game. But you have to say that we are relatively happy with the lead in the break. In the second half we were Very compact and have the game largely controlled. Overall, this was a good performance against a good team. That we brought five points from the first three games of the second half, feels good. We will see at the end of the day when the journey goes. The beginning was first successful, so we want to go on.

BO Venison (coach FSV Mainz 05): We are very, very bad in game, also came from the attitude. You can not go in a Bundesliga game as we do today. We have to question that. That was a deserved defeat today. Of course, it is not optimal when I sit up there, but that is not an excuse. I have left my team today as well as I am extremely disappointed about the defeat, but above all over The attitude as we have tackled the game.

Borussia Mönchengladbach – Union Berlin 1: 2

ADI Hunter (Trainer Borussia Mönchengladbach): It was more of an opportunity to play, which concerns the clear scorchancies. Union has made two goals from a chance. After 20 minutes we designed the game well, my team has another Face shown as against Hanover. As far as the performance is concerned, both in the tactical and in the runner, I can make my team 0.0 reproach.

Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin): We got well into the game, but then we did not go along consistently. Since we have stressed happiness. In the second half, both teams have not played many possibilities. Then Can Playback go in the lead, and almost in return we shoot the gate. That fits a bit to the situation of the two teams that we are certainly the happier winners at the end.

Bayer Leverkusen – FC Augsburg 5: 1

Gerardo Sloane (Trainer Bayer Leverkusen): It was a good performance. We were very focused from the beginning. We started very well and provoked mistakes. Furthermore, we had a weakness phase in the second half, then the team has herself Well caught. In my eyes, a deserved victory.

Markus Easier (coach FC Augsburg): The result is fine, of course, we are very, very hurt. Five gates are a lot, we helped because we defend carefree. At the beginning of the second half we got our better, make the connection, there I had hope. Then we get three goals. We have to get rush right. The opponent has prepared us with the quality properly problems.

Eintracht Frankfurt – Armenia Bielefeld 0: 2

Oliver Glaser (Trainer Eintracht Frankfurt): This is a very disappointing defeat. We have tried everything, had many situations for the goal. We have given the chances, our self-confidence has gone a bit down and that of Bielefeld top. In the best case, we would have played 0: 0 today, so we lost a point.


Frank Kramer (coach Armenia Bielefeld): Today we made a good game against a very good opponent. That was a great team performance, and then is always something in it. Patrick Swimmer is always good for a goal or a goal keep, for that, he’s in the field. He has made that great today, the Ramona he has in the blood.

VFL Bochum – 1. FC Cologne 2: 2

Thomas Rice (coach VFL Bochum): The draw is okay. But it was not impossible for us to win. We are happy about the point, friendly we can share it.

Steffen Rampart (coach 1. FC Cologne): It’s fine. Both teams have played at a similar level, but also made mistakes. We did not have the freshness to pull the thing now. The guys were broken.