Prank demands reaction

Christian Streich hopes after the 1-5 debacle in Dortmund on another appearance in the Cup Obstelfinale on Wednesday evening at “Very strong” Hoffenheimern – and can probably put again on two most recently painfully missing power carriers.

Nico Schlotterbeck and Mark Flecked go, said strike on Tuesday afternoon just before the descent from Reagan towards Kraichgau, Both it is possible for them to play from the beginning. Lilian Sildillia, the third SC professional, who most recently performed because of a Covid-19 infection remains like Keven Schlotterbeck, who was missing in Dortmund because of a gastrointestinal infect ite for further training sessions in Freiburg.

The probable return of Timekeeper Fleck ken and the younger Schlotterbeck into the internal defense is likely to increase the chance of better achievements and results. They both played a very good preliminary round, parlance praised the duo, with whom he succeeded in showing together with Bayern Munich after 17 games together with Bayern Munich (16) the best defensive of the Bundesliga. Without the service providers, there were seven goals in the games against Bielefeld (2: 2) and Dortmund. When players who are doing well on it, then hurt, as with other teams, too, cleared prank, but that may not be excuse. We made too many individual mistakes in both games, have led.

We did not have a good day, they had a good day, then we can not keep up.

Christian Stretch

Against Armenia, Benjamin Uphold was responsible for the unwanted gates. Although there was no comparable Patter in the batch of BVB, but he did not radiate any safety, which also had a non-underestimated influence on the poor overall performance of the SC professionals at the 1: 5. In addition to the Joker Kevin’s pity and Median Demonic, no one of his players had played well on Friday. We played against one of the absolute top teams, we did not have a good day, they had a good day, then we can not keep up, then we are also inferior in this way, prank wants the first swatter of the season Absolutely and looks at the cup match: I hope we will experience differently.

The SC coach is good things that his team lets the words follow: It’s about the quarterfinals, we are highly motivated, Cofferdam but also. It will be exciting to see how we can offer very strong Hoffenheimern Parole. Whether his team, as expected by TSG-Coach Sebastian Honey, will be rather the escape to the front, prank was open. Especially because of the ball-safe Cofferdam professionals Oliver Baumann and Kevin Vogt you have to go exactly weigh, how and when you press.

A major focus is on the defensive work anyway. We have to defend better again, again to develop this hunger, everything is going to test that we can not get a goal. If we can not waste the first action, we must ward off the second and third action, so that all playing, We challenge quiet must occur again as a team, against which it is totally difficult to play and show that we can make it better. That’s what the game is right tomorrow.

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