Why the BVB Pherai is not promoted to the professional team

That the second team of Borussia Dortmund in the 3rd league as a newcomer is so good, is also due to the strong achievements of Immanuel Pherai. In his role as a pivot point of the offensive playing the creative head, the once au

That the second team of Borussia Dortmund in the 3rd league as a newcomer is so good, is also due to the strong achievements of Immanuel Pherae. In his role as a pivot and pivot of the offensive play, the creative head, which once also considered a candidate for the professionals, is totally. Before the away game at the 1st FC Saarbrücken on Wednesday (from 19 o’clock in the live ticker), the votes in the BVB environment are more in the BVB environment, which demand a new probation chance for the Dutchman in the Bundesliga team.

In addition, not too long, Immanuel Pherae was still considered a great future promise in Dortmund. If you saw the technically savvy playmaker in the Junior Teams of BVB, the mind immediately that no less than Star-Consultant Minor Rail had struggled to manage the Youngster.

Last year, however, the Netherlands, born in Amsterdam, was quietly. A lending into the home to PEC Zwolle went through, then the new professional coach Marco Rose did not find a use for Pherae, which was put into the second representation that has just increased.

But instead of pouting, the noble technician has assumed the new situation exemplary. A look into the statistics reveals how important Pherae is for the crew of Coach Enrico Maiden: five hits and seven templates in 21 inserts are team-internal peak, only BERK AN TAX also comes to twelve gate participation.

BVB: Cherie genius stroke in Mannheim is viral

His previous season highlight Pherae recently experienced at the 3-1 away win in Mannheim when he brought the black and yellow at the stand of 1: 1 with a world-class lifter from almost 45 meters on the winning road.

The boy is crazy, he is known for something like that. This is madness, Keeper Stefan Drama swarmed to the genius stroke of his teammate.

Pherae himself described the remarkable scene amazingly sober: I have seen that the goalkeeper stood in front of his gate. I have nothing to lose and just tried it, of course it takes fortune.

In the net, videos from the dream gate of the 20-year-old quickly made the round, not a few fans in it saw the ultimate document for ferals suitability for higher tasks. To this conviction, the Russia bosses do not seem to have come.

Borussia Dortmund made Hera fidget in summer

Because: Cherie working paper in Dortmund is only valid until June 30th. And a few months ago, everything pointed to a separation in the summer.

According to the club’s Ruhr news one was not fully convinced by the skills of the crude diamond, accordingly, his chances were judged to jump to the professionals as rather low.

Too disappointing is the lending to the Dutch first division center PEC Swollen. 28 inserts, two hits and three templates were looking for Pherae there.

Pherae (M.) played in the 2020/2021 season in the Redivide

Back at Russia, the Rail protégé was initially unclear for some time. For a long time I did not realize how it would go on the BVB concretely for me. I actually assumed that I would meet again with the professionals. But I should then report on the training start at the U23, Pherae revealed in mid-November Interview with Spot and Goal.

A month later, licensing player Sebastian Keel asked him to talk. He meant that the year in Zwolle was good for me, and now they will be watching my development in the U23, called Hera, who was looking for his perspective: In the winter break, we’ll put together again and discuss my Future.

BVB strives for extension – Lock calls from the Bundesliga

Since then, Cherie shares have risen resistant. And so much so that the BVB officers are now aiming for an extension with the offensive man, according to Kicker.

According to Ingo Press, TEM Manager of the U23, is the right foot current in the best phase of his career. A winter outlet should therefore be prevented.

Problem: A promotion in the Bundesliga squad continues to suggest why other clubs already scrolls with the hooves. In the fall, Pherae confirmed concrete interest of clubs from Germany 1st and 2nd league.

The Orange talent should be aware that his appendages on his favorite position behind the peaks in the first team short to medium term are low. Captain Marco Reus, Julian Brandt and the Go Reyna worked on his comeback are Harari here far from Pherae.

Pherae has dream of the BVB professionals not yet abandoned

If the Middle Fieldsman nevertheless decide to extend the dethroned cup winner, patience should be asked. The pros (yet) is not a seat, the second team needs Pherae urgently. Means: For the first, the dribble artist must refrain from duels with Bavaria, Leipzig and Frankfurt and instead with Happen, Averse and Virus. His long-term goal remains insist. He had the dream by a Bundesliga debut in black and yellow not yet abandoned, Pherae said in November: For this I came here four years ago. I also think that I can achieve the necessary level. The recent impressions from the 3rd league confirm ferals thesis. Halo Lakes

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